40 Comments on “LIVE STREAM: Where James Dean Died (CA HWY 46)”

  1. I drive that highway 4 days a week and it's dangerous just by itself, mainly from crazy drivers. Highway 46 and 41 connect there at Cholame.

  2. I just watched one of his amazing movies a couple weeks ago called East of Eden. By John Steinbeck…
    It’s sad he passed away he was a great person.

  3. People have looked for his car, little bastard, wonder if anyone has ever metal detected the crash site to look for pieces?

  4. Go back to hunting UFO's. I don't know why you're in to James Dean it's been almost 70 years please stops

  5. Rebel without a cause. #65 Porsche and on his way to race it. Watch the last 24 hours of James Dean for more information about the crash.

  6. Because of events that happened back in the 80s when I just carried a picture of the destroyed Porsche in my pocket I cannot have anything more to do with the car, the scene, or the event. I am very sorry, but I refuse to watch this video.

  7. They have actually reevaluated this and used computer simulations and apparently he was doing no more than 70mph based on where his car stopped and the positions of the veichles.

  8. Was that an old Jim Beam bottle to the left of the San Francisco hat? The kind they made the "I dream of genie"lamp from?

  9. Imagine dying and getting up to the pearly gates of heaven and the sign on the wall says…."Wrong Way…Do Not Enter"…

  10. How many times!!!?? “Exactly this location ..” 50 times man!!!! Like we didn’t get it the first ten times!!

  11. Cool, I've been there. I also remember a gas station with a James Dean wood cutout. I took a pic of it back when the gas prices were nearly $5 a gallon. You should do a spirit box session out there.

  12. i didnt know james dean was a ufo" wats next weel, times square,disny land maybe,, a better title would be american history, the presant name is a little MISLEADING.

  13. You have it wrong. There was no highway back then. It was a dirt road. He came around a corner at high speed, saw a car, and lost control. But hey nice story bro.

  14. I am friends with some of the rancher people around that area. Their father was the first one on the scene and he said in the family has always said that James Dean was not driving it was his friend was driving the car but like all things mysteries as they are we will never know the truth.

  15. James Dean is an icon, but I'm ashamed to say I've never really watched his movies. Think it's about time I give them a watch!

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