Long UFO Over Cheyenne, Wyoming On 3 24 2021, UFO Sighting News

MUFON Eyewitness states: As we were leaving from our night shift noticed long bright light crossing sky. It was super long and was traveling slower than a meteor and faster than a air plane took about 3 to 4 min to cross sky and it appeared to split. When we could look and see what looked like the tail of the two split objects the rear of the object was very bright sorta appeared to have like fire coming out the back.


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  1. This is US tic tac or cylinder interstellar spacecraft US inventor have active patent on this craft until 2030. This crafts run on antigravity generators and they are capable of speeds faster than light. If you are new on youtube you have video of tic tac craft coming out from moon canyon back to space its taped from telescope search with this name z4-21 you will see. For patent about this craft search on google patents under name Gary Gochnour and go for tubular shaped interstellar spacecraft.

  2. We need more evidence like this. The UFO phenomena is real and the public needs to know the truth.

  3. Hello,Nice capture! Can I share your video on my channel?

    I also work through secureteam10

    Probably both channels will be published!

    Can you please write the location yet!

    I would be sure to credit your original link! Many Thanks

  4. What time was this filmed? From another comment and from the look of the horizon it seems like early morning. If so, it's a regular airplane. The plane would be high enough in the sky to be getting sunlight to reflect downward and the tail would be the normal trail from the engines also hitting sunlight.

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