13 Comments on “Lue Elizondo on FOX News Tucker Carlson interview on UFO/UAP phenon menon”

  1. Holy shit… Exotic material… They're STILL studying it.. Luis basically said they have alien tech that they cant figure out. I hope this video stays up! Someone download it

  2. Do your research on this topic a little further check out close encounters of the fifth kind with Dr Steven Greer

  3. I hope Lou is now listening to Daniel Sheehan, whatever advice he gives him.

  4. I hope this man doesn't mysteriously dissapear or suddenly "decides" to commit suicide. Know what I mean? This is the most important story in human history. We have ET or Interdimensional crafts, probes, drones, whatever you want to call them, flying around our planet, including our restricted airspace, WTF!? They're swarming our naval ships! Heck, Welcome To The Twilight Zone, we're living in a movie.

  5. It’s about Time they tell the public the Truth. The new generation of military people are doing the right thing.We got lied to by the previous generations and they accused and ridiculed anyone that reported these incidents.

  6. Is this a movie!? This is most incredible history being made in our time!

  7. 1 Billion years from NOW, Our Sun will DIE, whatsoover. You must understand that our planet are protected by the Others, the ET's

    They Do not want us to Go exstinct. This Coorey Good, I guess he has true intensions, but He never gives us physicall Proofs, or am I wrong.

    People who never give us physicall proofs, are hard to believe. Anyone can say that, they have been om Mars, but as long as you do not

    have PROOF, THEN its better to be Quite.

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