Luis Elizondo on UFOs, Skinwalker, Remote Viewing, and the Invisible College

Luis Elizondo reveals his thoughts on the June Report, the connection between consciousness / physics and aliens / UAPs.
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Cooper Sheehan for compiling the audience questions and formatting them.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:45 UFOs have been classified by size and other parameters
00:08:27 The June Report: what’s coming out in it?
00:12:10 Do high-resolution videos / pictures exist of these UAP that would shock people?
00:13:19 Why all these revelations now?
00:14:07 Remote viewing and aliens / UAPs
00:15:41 [Jeremy Rys] Invisible College and Hal Puthoff
00:17:57 [Brian Keating] Tellurian / mundane explanations for UFO phenomenon?
00:23:06 The “checklist” the gov’t goes through before citing it as UAP
00:26:00 Transmedium travel, spoofing or physical?
00:31:37 [Manny Ortiz] Are they demons? Angels?
00:34:21 [bisectdox] Have we communicated with UAPs? Have we found their communications?
00:39:11 Psychedelics and UAPs
00:41:20 [Mick West] Why not reveal all the information for the good of humanity?
00:49:13 [Lonesomespacecowboy] What would the world look like if the public knew what Lue does?
00:50:10 [Gentian] Tom Delong calls them “the Others”
00:50:43 His opinion on Bob Lazar, also that aliens referred to us as “containers”
00:53:26 [PulsatingShadow] How frequently do abductions happen
00:55:58 [Lady Shar Reacts] Any UAPs underwater in the Nimitz case?
00:56:54 [Amjad Hussain] Does the USA have alien bodies in their procession?
00:57:41 Skinwalker Ranch and Bigfoot
01:05:29 Audience members say “thank you” in the live chat
01:06:11 [Andres] What questions SHOULD we be asking, as the public, but aren’t?
01:06:49 Lue’s predictions have come true
01:08:04 [blindorize] UAP phenomenon and an international effort, rather than USA focused
01:08:59 [Neon Dagger] Lue’s personal encounter
01:09:34 [Raylson Carlos] Nimitz appearing at the “cap point”… How?
01:10:35 Was Sam Harris contacted by Lue
01:11:09 [Lonesomespacecowboy] What would the world look like if the public knew what Lue does?
01:14:24 Advice for Curt on the journey into TOEs (and UAPs connection to them)
01:15:28 Is Lue a misinformation agent?

* * *

Just wrapped (April 2021) a documentary called Better Left Unsaid on the topic of “when does the left go too far?” Visit that site if you’d like to watch it.


35 Comments on “Luis Elizondo on UFOs, Skinwalker, Remote Viewing, and the Invisible College”

  1. Curt, you have created one of the more interesting intellectual explorations of the unknown on the internet. Thank you for being so open-minded. It's refreshing to see a scientist such as yourself ask questions and not just bovine on and on about how they know everything already.

  2. Hi Curt first of all I would like to congratulate you with the amazing interview with Mr. Elizondo. The last question from Lonesomespacecowboy was deep. If you listen to Mr. Elizondo his words, Lue know so much about the topic that in his expression this men is like Metuselah carrying loads of bagage with him. He said so much in these couple of sentences, our place in the universe, why we still in 2021 have differences between race and religion. The reflection of our own perspective, what we do in our life, what happens after this life, it might cotinue on a different level. The rise and fall of big ego's in society, the way of thinking, the scientific community that really needs to stand in front of the mirror, change need to first start with yourself, after that change the world. The way we learn and teach our children. Lue has said it many times in his interviews, it's not only the hardware (ufo's/uap) thing. It comes with lots of extra adjustments that we need to be prepared for. So like he said in pevious interviews, what is disclosure, how far you go with disclosure, who decides what part to disclose, the impact of every little piece of disclosure. The fact that we might be on this planet to learn, to live without hate and differences, its a total new ball game to stop with our old traditions, and achieve to step up the ladder and become transdimensional species liviing in a vast ocean floating on a blue ball somewhere in space and we are defenit not the center point, the wheel long before us already was invented. I think we all need to do a step back and again do reflection for ourselfs with the words Lue spoke about. I wish you all the best in everything you do. Cheers Ray (Floatwithme) Instagram: Dutchufo4real

  3. Bro, u gotta get Dr Steven Greer on here. He says that this Lue dude a liar, and that he got a lot more info then he saying. Jus look up greer if you havent yet. His shit gets a lil deeper with consciousness and stuff like that connected to ufos. But he'd be great on here with your typa questions. U still doin good bro! 👍

  4. Pentagon spokesmen have denied Elizondo's claims that he did anything of significance at AATIP…and then Harry Reid writes a letter stating he was instrumental.
    Funny the denial comes AFTER Luis filed a complaint about the Pentagon regarding AATIP.

  5. Curt- this was my first exposure to you tbh. Being someone who has been heavily following this topic for the past 10+ years, I was beyond amazed with how you interviewed this great man respectfully but intently. Thanks to you and always to Luis. A real American hero.

  6. Even the not-great questions provoked great content! I bet some of the audience were annoyed by the tangents but they actually kicked this interview up to 11! I wonder if we could glean any extrapolations from the patterns of disturbed water beneath UAPs? Pilot David Fabor described it as waves cresting over a submerged object, something he would have probably seen before.

  7. The triangle ones have gotten smaller, indicative of human beings. They suck tho. So whoever made that deal, (trade for tech) with whatever, got screwed. How's your lemon performance 🤣

  8. Curt, your wrong! Rebuilt trust is never what it once was! I really don't like this conversation.

  9. This wreaks of dark funding (Epstein funding). When the biggest pedo on earth knows your writing research papers on quantum theory, you have a problem.

  10. We finally are able to produce the amount of energy needed to counter the effect mislabeled as "Gravity" The right hand rule was overlook for too long! Generating the electromagnetic radiation allows for vectoring. So these are all ours. No Aliens! No reverse engineering! If an entity could travel or traverse the Galaxy, do you really think they would crash land anywhere? You should think deeply about that question. War, CCP is why the leaks are coming out. I hope we stop this "Space time continuum" stupidity! It goes along with big foot! Right hand rule!

  11. Mr. Elizondo. Please run for Congress. The fact that you don’t even want to is the reason you should. You have my vote.

  12. TOm say the aliens are called "the Others". In fact, that is a direct translation of the word "Elohim" from the Hebrew Bible, which has been mistranslated with the word God. An alternative translation considering the context is "Those who came from the sky". A modern translation would be "extraterrestrials". The singular of Elohim is Eloah and is also in mentionned in the Bible (ref: RAELdotORG).

  13. the tic tac knew where the cap point for the jet was because it was scanning the jets computer as the jet was going down and it was comming up , what i think it was doing was saying hey look if you want to come to where i am when i am busy , then i will go to youre cap point to show you i know more than you do before you know youreself , i also opperate in a timeship that has seen the cap point in the past moved forwards and freaked you guys out by doing what i did, now you will wonder for decades how the tictac did this amazing thing , think time .

  14. This man is brilliant and I admire his honesty and integrity. He has said there's a chance he'll run for congress. I hope he does.

  15. 180 days? The US government has been investigating UFOs since the 50s. That’s 67 years of research. Don’t act like the is a new “phenomenon” and you can’t pull together a report in “ only 180 days”.

  16. they will do everything to keep discrediting him, lazar, etc. We are so close and yet so far. I dont trust the pentagon to reveal the truth. ever. This is too big and the us (and every single other country in the world) had too big a stake in this to reveal everything. Lazar said it, the first one who reverse engineer this will be unstoppable.

  17. Curt Jaimungal, thank you for broadcasting (podcasting) your show. I had no idea it would be this hard to achieve the kind of breakthrough in physics that we're after. But your efforts are helping. thumbs up

  18. Loved the conversation on principles, around 46 to 47 minute…thank you Mr. Luis for your sacrifice.

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