"MAD UFO" Sighting Caught By Shocked Liverpool Taxi Driver 7/3/2015

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31 Comments on “"MAD UFO" Sighting Caught By Shocked Liverpool Taxi Driver 7/3/2015”

  1. +Freedom & Peace You said ETs would tell your kids that Humans are all demons. May be some truth there!

  2. Bullshite if he saw it moving why not record that!!! I believe in ufo's but only as being man made.

  3. Happy 4th to you as well! ex-pat/ohio in N.S. vhf…fight on. Small e-quake Digby,N.S. several days ago.You are aware that Earth is shifting on it's Axis? Not climate change! Not Environmental! Physically shifting degrees,check it out. vhf…

  4. The only thing is alien crafts typically do not have colored lights or blinking lights…..Service to Self Aliens will have writing on their crafts so the people they contact here on earth know its them…

  5. Good job secure team my ass why are yall lying to ppl , fucling phonys or just really that gullible

  6. I don't see anything that indicated "mad" or "hurtling" in this video. I see something peacefully observing, if I were to describe it. Besides, the birds are Seagulls. Throw out some bread and they go nuts. I think it's a good catch, just extremely over dramatized. I've seen unidentified craft on many occasions, and I don't find them so scary we should all run for our lives. Flying 200 mph and shooting lasers at people, I could understand.

  7. The count down to the false flag called Project Blue Beam is soon to be upon us.  Through Holographic imagery, even the elect will be fooled into thinking the aliens are here.  I'm not saying there are no aliens, or that they aren't possibly already here.  I am saying to stay on your toes, and don't fall for the "big event" which is underway.  I was warned of this by a NASA employee over at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, that the event to worry about (when I inquired about other NEO's) will be a mock alien invasion.  Not everyone who works for the government is comfortable with the deception.  Many have families that they love, and want to protect. Sites like ST10 are being used as part of this deception.  Eyes open people!

  8. hey, i saw something really similar to this on the 8th July 2015. i was sitting on a train close to chester and saw something heading toward liverpool but couldn catch a good shot of it. feel sure its the same thing – whatever it is. glad you posted

  9. The only channel that tries to get the truth. My first choice every time great work Tyler

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