Major News Outlets Recorded Unexplained UFO Aliens In San Francisco – City Of Extraterrestrials

Major News Outlets Recorded Unexplained UFO Aliens In San Francisco – City Of Extraterrestrial Stargate
This is the place where San Andreas Fault Meets Pacific Ocean San Francisco / San Mateo Border. No native Indian ever set foot there because elders say once you do you will be trapped in the portal between worlds. April 2017. 1 Mile east of this alien portal. End of John Daly Boulevard near Highway 1. Driver claimed he crashed the car because he saw alien creatures out of this world. He was taken to mental institution.
Then this Kron 4 reporter footage surfaced. Reporter was able to send the file before his camcorder was taken by “man in black” as car accident evidence. Watch very closely white CIA Bus now
Why do you think 60 out 500 US Billionaires live in San Francisco? And those 60 have more money than 4 billion of poorer humans combined. Several of them made a secret pact and invested billions of dollars to reopen the portal to let alien force in the city. Work started in 2006 with symbolic gesture of installing giant bronze Augustus Rodin Gates of Hell in Stanford – 10 miles from the actual portal place. Right after that, city was overrun with weird people who look like they came from the different time realm.
It took them 11 years and all illuminati help they could get to complete the portal. I will explain how it works in separate video. But I will tell you that they used multiple ultra violet lasers projected in specific spot on the sky to burn the hole in the time space continuum. In April 2017 science and magic came together with help of billions of dollars and their work was finished. This portal was opened in Silicone valley. It was 3 miles or 5 kilometers high and created a hole in the sky leading to space 12 miles or 20 kilometers wide. At the day of opening stunned Bay Area residents saw two sunsets. One from the west and the other one from the east. National news companies explained the phenomena saying that sun refraction from Pacific ocean and San Francisco bay created the illusion of two suns setting in the west and east. In the reality, the portal in the east was so much brighter than the actual sunset that many were temporarily blinded by the glowing sky. It was so bright, that residents of Snow Sierra Nevada were calling firefighters telling that Sierra forest is on fire.
The next day – entire Pacific ocean shifted away from the shore and UFOs filled the sky. In the city it felt like you weighting less than usual because the strong wind was sucking you upward. That wind also dispersed heavy clouds over Bay Area. All of them except one. In April multiple news companies showed you those pictures of oval cloud over Golden Gate Bridge. But they failed to mention that it was not a cloud at all but multiple geometrically perfect UFO disks entering city skies. They also failed to mention that one oval cloud strangely disassembled itself into 3 perfectly oval disks. What are the chances that it was done solely by wind? Curiously, millions of multiple smaller oval disks filled San Francisco bay and much of Pacific Ocean. Local news announced that they came from a Chinese Cargo ship spilling container of Styrofoam plates near Golden Gate Bridge. However, none of millions these swimming Styrofoam plates was found on the shore. Millions of them spilled and not single one found. Ever? But it was just the start of city transformation.
First, some non material ghost-like substances begin to materialize in nearby parks and forests. They were filmed by at least half a dozen residents and tourists. Again, the news official explanation was: it’s a fire retardant somehow mysteriously escaping from the ground. There were no words in the news at all about multiple UFO that were filling San Francisco sky. When multiple eyewitness called major news companies, they came on air and made the following statement: after controversial reports about oval clouds over San Francisco, we refrain from any farther comments regarding recently reported multiple paranormal activities till the full and throughout investigation is complete. According to our sources, recent events are part of extremely elaborated and expensive hoax perpetuated by one or several of San Francisco billionaires. Really, San Francisco billionaires have nothing to do with their money than create weird atmospheric and ground phenomena throughout San Francisco area? I don’t think so. In fact, I know that portal exists and all these UFOs are coming from it, because I saw it with my own eyes and camera.
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  1. For starters nothin in any of this and dont u thin alians r way mor advanced and wouldnt need our primitive help to do this !

  2. Wow! Damn thanks for cam (look good of picture) it is kind of scare. Whew

  3. very alien accent …nice….like pelaidian with a hint of Chinese Mandarin?…….nice I beleive your story now

  4. The ones tesponsible for this piece of crap, are the real aliens! However, I've been to San Francisco…..and there are many wierd alien beings there! Residents, I believe they're called! Lol!

  5. Nice CGI…SF is also home to Lucas Digital, and of course Pixar across the Bay. There's a lot of crazy wanna-be animators running around. I lived in San Francisco for 17 years; I WISH it was this exciting but no: just your average, garden-variety weirdness.

    I will agree with one thing, though: an old roommate's boyfriend was native-American, and when I mentioned how beautiful the Muir Woods was, with all of the Redwood trees, he told me the native tribes didn't like it because it was a dead zone, that there's a negative energy vortex there.

  6. Demons not aliens they want you to think that no. These are straight up demons trust me I know I have seen Hell before and I know. Also I have seen Heaven okay so I will flat out tell you it is demons. All okay Jesus will destroy these pigs.Amen

  7. That looks like the Newer Blimps😂😂😂😂😂😂😂around that stadium,HE should've known right then when he said around a "stadium"😂😂😂😂


  9. most people want to believe but 90 percent of your video is not quite on spot. there is a lot of mental people in Frisco and California in general….that could be a medium for Aliens. … but video is off.

  10. some realy great ufo footage, contaminated by a load of verbal diarrhoea.

  11. Oh Igor, I don`t know what to say. You make me feel all fuzzy inside… I`m so confused. Your voice is so sexy. I think I need to contact the LGBTQ so they can tell me who I really am. Oh, thx for the tip on San Fran. Always new that place was FUBAR!!!

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