49 Comments on “Major report on UFOs to be published soon”

  1. “Before if you brought up the concept of UFOs…” in Washington? How about “in the media!” You would be ridiculed, disparaged, and you and the other journalists would laugh and cue x-file music.

  2. BS people wake the freak up it's the deep State the cabal whatever the hell you want to call them they're trying to put fear into the people of the world to force them into the One world government don't fall for it don't be fearful wake up

  3. We need a good public relations campaign to push the idea of E.T's existing. Way too many religions that cannot accept this reality if it turns out to be the case. Toilet paper would fly off the shelves again. Just sheer pandemonia. No wonder they've been keeping it secret. If it turns out to be true, that is…

  4. Oh really. Just look into what the Navy does, they have operations to use for Electromagnetic disruption. It’s the way it has to be, because everyone is spying on everyone. I’m proud of our Navy!!

  5. Guys the media is misleading you , the government still won’t let the people know that ufos exist, we are not ready because it will cause mass histeria if you want to know more about this watch Arron abke on ufos and you will understand why (;

  6. To be clear, I'm thinking they are not of our dimension. Logically. Even if an alien could come here from the nearest star from us , AT LIGHT SPEED it would still take a million years to arrive. They are either below us, in the earth, or of another dimension 🚬 which would explain why they disappear suddenly. Think bout it. They create a sort of looking glass into our dimension by creating a manifestation of a 3rd dimensional object.

  7. Steven M. Greer says that our government is in possession of this technology, which was reverse-engineered, and now a falsified ‘alien invasion’ will cause panic establishing a one world government. Who knows.

  8. This is a topic that has been growing with more and more attention over the time of the pandemic. It seems this has been a growing narrative while people are sitting at home watching their phone screens and televisions.

  9. Bunch of nothing. Gullible American Public will believe anything. The released videos show aircraft and balloons that are either out of focus or tracked in infrared.

  10. Of course there’s an agenda they are fallen angels not aliens from another planet don’t believe a word the government says about them because they are not going to tell you the truth

  11. Its more like OMG our retarded government is finally deciding stop lying 🤥 to the people who pays the taxes. Were not stupid we don't need a stupid public fiasco report to validate our sanity, we all know Aliens are already here and hiding in plane site. HEY RETARDS NEWS FLASH 📸 😀 WE GOT A BRAIN 🧠 TOO AND IT WORKS JUST YOURS DO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣




  13. This is just to divert our attention from what’s going on with our government right now.

  14. For as long as there has been media/ government – the topic has been met with scepticism and ridicule. The same people that wanted civilians to think it was all B.S. now want them to take this seriously.

    Funny how the media can change the opinions of the masses within days.🤔

  15. You're all wrong. China has threatened America to disclose the shyte or else they're ready to release Covid-21 S plus.😂

  16. Most likely they are just spy planes from other countries or a straight up prank. Sure aliens exist but they are millions and billions of miles away and if they did come here, they would be willing and wanting to talk to us. So they would make their presence very obvious.

  17. Why must the media be incompetent? There's no controversy over whether or not there are UFO's. Of course there are. UFO's are just flying objects that are unidentified. The controversy is over the explanation for them.

  18. A government contractor told the Times that he gave a classified briefing to the Department of Defense in March 2020, describing retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth."

  19. Evolution of intelligence converges towards equality ….. because at the end of the day you are as rich as the poorest, as healthy as the weakest, as happy as the saddest one etc. ….. if they are ET get exited because they are here to observe us and will help us advance technologically by millions of years if we manage to establish contact

  20. There made by God it's biblical read revelations were out of control we need God imma star don't say you weren't told there coming closer and if they come down there gonna sting us and be in pain for 5 months God's gonna bring back king David only god's people will enherit eternity with king david as our king

  21. I don’t believe we can sum up with our language and words what they are,how they are and how they came to be. This is something truly outside of our conscious boundaries as people-we put the narrative of ufos on them to feel comfortable with and to have somewhat an explanation for this phenomenon which is so alien to us that we felt the need to invent the word alien.


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