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42 Comments on “MAJOR STRANGENESS IN BRAZIL.. What Is Going On?”

  1. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I plead the blood of Jesus over Tyler and I speak life to his pancreas and anywhere else he may need healing in Jesus' name that it be fully restored back to God's original plan. And to protect him, I draw a blood line around him and his family including any pets he may have & his property in the name of Jesus. Amen!

  2. Take care of yourself Brother, I fully enjoy your topic and format. You're missed when you don't post! Keep up the great work, but take care of you! Sevierville, TN.

  3. This Philadelphia s*it is really strange and i can imagine people who so it, it must be scary as fu*k, when you see something flying over your head!? No sound, strange shaped, weird thing with weird feeling in your stomach and… whos watching who??

  4. Those strobe like lights are probes, especially the ones that were rapidly flashing then splitting into 3 probes.

  5. That “energy” craft are Light beings. The ship is biological and the beings are made of light and they can control the ship with their Consciousness

  6. Hate to say it but as long as that crook con Jaime’ prick is still running around S America pushing everything in the sky is a UFO, Nothing from there is worth giving a 4th look, he is like the BIGGEST UFO CON AROUND, Yes he is still 1st just in front of THIRD TURD MOON who is a tight 2nd to the Jaime the Con… close but No Cigar nor UFO either

  7. We love you Tyler, and I agree with southern mediator, music is very comforting and nostalgic to listen to in this time of turmoil. <3

  8. This is crazy because a couple of weeks ago I maybe about a month over and SoCal Los Angeles we had a very big unexpected lightning storm and there was a bunch of lightning without no thunder for like hours in a specific area and we just happen to be in the Middle where it wasn't raining or anything it was clear skies but you can see the clouds in the background with the lightning without that thunder was even more crazy than nobody even reported on you nobody even mentioned it on the news media outlets or anything it's been pretty crazy seeing this video today

  9. I listened to many sasquatch eyewitness reports and glowing lights and orbes are often asociated with them. Brazil has a lot of rainforest so maybe it's all related.

  10. Acres of stopid land with backwards ppl lot of animals to study in county Brazil free real estate to Aliens

  11. First three were way weak. The fact that you don't see the first one as a helicopter really makes me? U and this channel. Rest was good. BUT. I really ? Where this channel is going. So fn clearly a helicopter. Smdh.

  12. The very first video shows the ufo "fishing " it mimics the movements exactly. If I were to describe how to fish to a deaf person that's exactly how I'd do it. It's doing that to try some way, any way, to talk to us. Or maybe to joke with us to lighten up the tension.

  13. If you have pancreatitis then please don't eat pork at all, no sugar (maple syrup etc is fine), eat dairy products as little as possible.

  14. I'm just seeing an attempt at computer animation, Heat-Lightning, Electro-Static discharges in the clouds from CMEs' and the the most obvious, the wind picked up an empty box.

  15. Something is coming! Theirs a giant fusion reactor on the moon in the Arostarkis crator on the dark side of the moon I think it is. Theirs evidence of mining going on there that isn't us! It's on a YouTube channel called Matrix Wisdom. Their base is on the moon! The government's know this. Why do you think we never just went back? Either the earth will cleanse itself of us through natural disasters or we're going to see some crazy stuff like ufo's just buzzing around uncloaked. Who knows. It isn't looking good for the population of the earth.

  16. Sending prayers to you🙏🏽 health is Everything get well soon brother! thank you for all your amazing work🙌

  17. Do y’all thinking those flashing lights have anything to do with the lights on the moon , in a recent video that was posted

  18. I seen those lights in San Diego above the clouds. It was like 2 miles north of San ysidro blvd. It was active a.f

  19. Actually, the one at 8:15 looks like a box. If you stop it every time it moves, it looks like a big black box. The illusion is that it looks hexagonal. Only thing is, it may be a shapeshifter so it could be either.

  20. Vou dizer o que é isso !
    isso é apenas um drone – DJI __ Com uma caneta lazier pointer green !
    eu a uns 2 anos atraz ja fiz isso ! com 1 DJI PHANTON 3 ….

  21. Anyone see the latest episode of American horror story season 10? It was o.k could of been better but I like the u.f.o spin from the 1950s they put on the show

  22. Lmfao one more thing move over tyler, move over Tom Delong and move over coast to coast A.M we got a new u.f.ologist on our hands now, none other than Demi Lovato

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