2 Comments on “Man Summons UFO Live on News – Las Vegas KTNV ABC Channel 13”

  1. They are many around us at the moment ,they are trying to help us into the fifth dimension,before we destroy are world , they help us ,and know we are on the best planet , they don't have the resources we do.
    And have to make their own world inside planets with their own biosphere etc . They are waiting
    For Trump to return and rid us of the evil Cabal. Once and for all. We will have a new and better earth
    The Elite have been poisoning us ,with the gm crops, chemtrails. And extremely Satanic ways .
    It's time now for a monumental change and this will be within weeks . He has very very nearly drained the swamp. It's the media he has to go after now. Who have been lying to us about everything.

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