Managing expectations ahead of Pentagon UFO report

The Pentagon report about UFO sightings is due by the end of the week – but experts say whatever’s in it, likely won’t be the extraordinary evidence required to confirm the existence of aliens. Xiaoli Li reports.


24 Comments on “Managing expectations ahead of Pentagon UFO report”

  1. If I saw something every day for a "couple of years' my thought process might very well hmmm consider it routine. Out of the abundance of caution I might also consider it my job or repetitious. Cmon we are not 12 years old, what is it? where did it come from? How long has it been here? We have the greatest Military on Planet Earth by spending (that we know of lol).
    Why Doesn't that military feel the need to share the (insert number from Land, Air, Water Space HERE) Hi- Res 4k + pictures since 2007. Worried about revealing how good your cameras are on satellites? Cmon some Submarine pics are in order! WE the PEOPLE pay for your toys. Show us the real shiny pics of these craft . just those from 15ft away will do. Thank you

  2. These vids, especially the 3 all over the internet, FLIR1, Gimbal, and GoFast have all been rationally explained and replicated. Just visit thr YT channel, Mick West. He explains it all.

  3. The global governments are preparing the population for UFO's announcements although we know that:
    1) they will use this to "explain" the pandemic situation.
    2) the high costs in space programs.
    3) the global's environmental climate changing.
    4) the number of unexplained ufo sightings -but they won't explain nothing about it.. just going to try put the guilt in countries with nuclear bombs or precious gems.

  4. Hate to say it but I'm not exactly buying a guy with purple hair that at the same time describes factual things people from the renaissance would consider crazy while saying we should hold back any predetermined notions.

  5. The report should be rejected if it avoids the UFO issue. They are here and who ever is in charge of that information must speak.

  6. Scientists want the aliens to lay on a table and let them do an autopsy on them to prove they exist. That's the only way they will have proof. And that's just nuts!

  7. Don't trust anything that comes from the non-binary( Formerly Known as Mr) Potato dictatorship.

  8. I hope the aliens take all the purple haired science communicators they can find. They would be doing us a service.

  9. Difficulty admitting other civilisations is like telling children santaclaus isn't real: it spoils the magic. The People is mature enough. It's not from the Earth; it belongs to some other civilisation (cartesian realism). Deliberations must go beyond that.

  10. Aliens.
    In India they have cave drawings of these that are 10,000 years old.
    These aliens are probably observing primitive life, Earth possibly designated as a nature preserve.

  11. We found planets made of Diamond? Okay, let's see your proof of this extraordinary claim then. Oh what? You dont have physical proof of that?

    There's a ton more evidence for unknown flying crafts than there is of this so called "diamond planet"

  12. If you humans think your the only intelligent species in this Universe, then they are right about you. Naive.

  13. Science wants repetition well how about the navy seeing these objects everyday for two years

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