Mars Rat On Mars, May 2014, UFO Sighting News.

I just wanted to make an update to the old Mars rat post I made a year ago. Not much has been done on it and a lot of viewers are still reading it.

The object is there, it may be a statue or an animal, but it is there! Anyone who says otherwise probably either really tries to avoid art museums or they are working for the govt to try to embarrass and intimidate you. Stand up for yourself and decide for yourself. Don’t let me or anyone else decide what this object is. SCW

NASA photo:


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  1. Good eye it's eye looks to be another color so it looks real.but you never know with nasa. Thank you for sharing.

  2. would have to say the 'fist' shaped head is not part of the animal, take that away and you have a more realistic idea of what it might be (imo)   🙂

  3. Why does no one still talk about it? Because it's a rock. The human mind is wonderful, but one of its flaws are that it seeks to make patterns out of nature. You have what..? Five hundred thousand rocks on Mars that we have photos of… at least. Of course one or two are going to look like animals, and the human mind will automatically make it look like something we can relate to. In this case, as you aptly put it, it's a rat. It looks kinda like a rat.

    It's the same as we see faces everywhere. It's part of evolution. Also, you are very misleading, saying statements like, "It's 100% possible that it's an animal." That statement is ridiculous. You use 100% to make people think it's 100 an animal, but it's not. It looks like one. Also, saying stuff like, "When I see a photo of my wife and there's a bird in the background, I know it's a bird." That statement doesn't AT ALL prove this is anything other than a rock.

    And all that crap about, "Anyone who thinks this is just a rock needs help". Seriously, dude? What a fucking self-righteous insulting thing to say. And your answer against people who prove you wrong? Oh, we're all CIA and NSA guys. Fuck you. I'm from New Zealand. I have nothing to do with America. You're a fucking idiot who tries to manipulate people, and it's very obvious. Good use for your degree. Fuck you, sir.

  4. This is a pic of the "Mars lizard", not the "Mars rat". The pic with the rats is entirely different & you can see the vid on the Monte Williams channel – Monte is the person who discovered the rat. There are about 3 rats in the pic next to their nest hole. They look exactly like desert rodents from Earth. Check it out.

  5. love it there is loads statues in this 1 thanx..
    did you do the aguana 1 this year?
    oh below the rat there is a smaller anomaly…
    looks a bit like black&white cow grazing

  6. You are directing people's attention to the wrong image, moron. Show the rodent found on the mars image. It is the rodent live in Iceland. Search by "Rodent on mars"

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