Meet the fighter pilot who saw a UFO

The US government, once openly dismissive of UFO sightings that for decades sparked the popular imagination, is poised to issue an expansive account of what it calls “unidentified aerial phenomena,” based heavily on observations by American military pilots.

Lt Cmdr Alex Dietrich is a retired fighter pilot who observed a UFO during a routine training exercise in 2004.



35 Comments on “Meet the fighter pilot who saw a UFO”

  1. We better hope the UAPS r ***(EXTRATERRESTRIAL)***. Because if the UAPS r from Foreign countries then America is in BIG TROUBLE! If the UAPS r from Foreign countries, then our Intelligence agencies should All b FIRED!

    These UAPS have been flying in American Air Spaces 4 Decades!

  2. When UFO comes i hope all abrahamic religion nonsense will go away when they realize they are not in the center of the universe.

  3. 10 seconds. She actually hasn't seen much.

    Submarine, sinking plane or ship, or a freaking whale. Nothing else.

  4. UFO = Unidentified Flying Object

    So as long as its unidentified and flying, its technically a UFO… It doesn't have to be an Alien ship.

  5. Kind of funny, the trope of UFO sightings is always blurry recordings. That recording supposedly comes from the most advanced military sensors US ever made. Eheh

  6. The aliens must be really dumb, they spend so much to make UFO to spy on us but failed to invent a telescope to watch us. Then they hide behind the clouds never say hello.. Finally the aliens travel, do all this nonsense to watch us? Why us? Are we that entertaining…

  7. Disclosure? Looks like more CIA distraction and psy ops. The US has been having covert cooperation with extra-terrestrials for a long time now. Most UFO / USOs are their own anti-gravity vessels using alien technology (from the Nazi era Operation Paperclip). Just getting the citizens ready for another false flag Alien contact. The real Intervention has been happening for many decades already, behind the scene, folks.

  8. I put my money on it's a $12.00 runaway Disneyland balloon. Kid's probably lose hundreds everyday.

  9. So great she is finally coming out about it. Truley a person who has no interest but cannot deny what happened

  10. This is just a warm-up for the big news. The big news is about to come tomorrow or may be the day after tomorrow.

  11. What does UFO spell? What matters when death is your door off this World most??

    Unknown is the other side. i say Heaven or Hell. What is the safe side to ride??

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