Mermaids, Bigfoot and Hidden Aliens Fringe News #21

In Tonight’s news Rev. Jeff brings us Mermaids, Bigfoot trail cam video, a giant UFO over Peru, an alien body hidden for 33 years. Not to mention the strange cryptid in the fork of a tree. Watch the video for all the details.

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Bigfoot Caught On Colorado Trail Cam?

Strange, Unknown Creature.mpg

MUST SEE!!! GIANT UFO caught on video over the city of Lima in


The Hidden Alien of Peru

UFO entra em um tunel e provoca acidente na rodovia

P.R.I.ME Paranormal | Prime in Quoddy | 05.18.13

Dead Mermaid Found On Beach After Hurricane

Decisions by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

Finding the Balance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.


26 Comments on “Mermaids, Bigfoot and Hidden Aliens Fringe News #21”

  1. @thomasmccarthy, mermaids are real, just not that one. On mermaids the body found, with scientists, they have no hair, & have 4 fingers. The fist one is real, the second ones a bear, idk what the third one is, the fourth one is a slow mo plane, the fifth ones a fake, the sixth ones fake, it didn't get the seventh one, the eight one is fake.

  2. obvesly the bigfoot is a bear scracting its back on a tree bigfoots are 20 times smarter than bears, mermaid is a prop, maybe from the isreal sighting

  3. That mermaid in the final clip is fake. If it were to get washed up and die, why was it stuck in a position like that? It would be laying flat on the ground dead. Even if it died in that position… it would still flop back to the ground dead. The Isreal sighting is fake too. A camera does not have that much blur when it turns. Even when its zoomed in that far.

  4. that crap was s fake that last animal fake thing could've been some fat squirrel w/ diabetes

  5. this may sound stupid but has any1 ever wondered if whenever there is very good conclusive video or evidence or watever for anything paranormal or ufs, that it is purposly being discredited by a group of people?or is that thinking like a conspiricy theorist?

  6. the mermaid at the end was a good prop, as i see no flies or other insects / birds near it, if it was real that thing would be covered in insects etc..

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