34 Comments on “Michio Kaku – UFO's – The Evidence is Overwhelming”

  1. Wish tucker would do a Larry king style 1 hour round table show sometime, these 3 minute interviews he does aren't long enough. Still great to have michio kaku on board though!!

  2. Michio Kaku is such an amazing communicator for the scientific community. We need more people like him to be popular so we and our kids will be inspired to do more science for the greater good of humanity!

  3. Man why are these UFO sightings in US and Europe only. Are aliens also racist they dont visit India, China, Africa.

  4. These scientists have been dreaming for years and continue to do so. The probabilities that a planet that supports life as we know it is almost zero. Chances are those things they pilots see are test aircraft from China, the US or another country.

  5. We can't even effectively communicate with a single other living organism on Earth and we think we'll contact aliens? lmao. Keep your ego in check humans.

  6. I am very Disappointed! Please, learn to read and interpret properly a HUD and its multi mode before to go that far…. No UFO there!

  7. but you didnt even look at the evidence.. with all respect .. hypersonic drones? in what video was that a thing? lol.. im not sure, but i think the numbers shown on screen in these videos are evidence when you understand them, also very reproducable and explainable.. so why shift the burden of proof when you dont even consider the proof given? isnt this just nonsense and speculations? – arent you really smart? im confused…

  8. You cannot reproduce evidence unless you have the phenomena in a controlled setting. They're in control, not the scientists.However, the phenomena has reoccured with the same evidential narrative. So the phenomena has to be observed differently from what scientists are used to. This is why scientists only play one role in this revelation. They cannot lead the investigation because their analytical angle is too linear. I'm a big fan of Michio, but the old stealing the ashtray from the ship, as Neil Degrasse Tyson usually joked about is rather old and too contrived. Yes we know scientists need cold hard physical evidence. Meanwhile the pieces of the puzzle is suggesting a most logical answer, however spectacular that answer might suggest.

  9. Shitty images and blurred blips isnt good evidence.Doctor you have lost your mind or more likely you are….wait for it…..trying to pump up book sales….imagine that.

  10. Tucker Carlson can’t grasp the gravity of this star physics professor’s assertions that things we already know are happening are happening because our planet is always at war with itself.

    Kaku, tell us where the aliens are! I’ll go et al if ur tryna study. W

  11. I never seen this footage michio is my idol fact is there are already extraterrestrials with all these unidentified sightings

  12. You cannot prove it or disprove it as a normal person maybe just have an open mind and respect those who are looking for answers.

  13. Seriously ask yourself this question….if they are far more intelligent then Humans and can manipulate gravity,….how would they not see someone stealing someone on their ship? That argument of "Just steal something off their ship" is null and void.

  14. Holy fuck. There IS a first for everything. Earth fucked up, stick around until after covid they tell us

  15. Tucker basically wants a small reason from kaku to say it's made by russia or china 🤣🤣

  16. Dear Dr Kaku,

    How could UFO abductees steal something from the aliens (to bring back and prove they exist) if they were under sedation?

    They were kidnapped, remember?

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