Mikhail Gorbachev: World in ‘colossal danger’ – BBC News

The former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has warned that current tension between Russia and the West is putting the world in “colossal danger” due to the threat from nuclear weapons.

In an interview with the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg, former President Gorbachev called for all countries to declare that nuclear weapons should be destroyed.

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31 Comments on “Mikhail Gorbachev: World in ‘colossal danger’ – BBC News”

  1. It’s because of Putin he keeps upgrading and developing new nuclear capabilities like hypersonic missiles armed with nuclear warheads he uses it as a way to threaten and bully other nations considering all the sanctions placed on Russia because of his actions of rigged elections, killings, invasions, cyber thefts and so on its a loop which repeats itself in Russia.

  2. Probably the best ever Russian leader, not perfect of course but he had a bit of heart, only time American president and Russian president actually liked each other!

  3. A very good leader, I know he wanted peace for the USSR, he's a huge opponent of Nuclear arms, and would of hopefully brought peace, USSR was ready to change tho

  4. Lol even if everyone says they’ll destroy there nukes no one will. Every nation needs that power or else another nation will try to raid one another.

  5. Mikhail Gorbachev deserves more appreciation from us (I mean by us all humans around the world)

  6. Vanity of all vanities…man’s obsession of Power to rule the world? Almost an estimated 2 trillion dollars military budget in 2020? Money that could be well spent to discover medicines to fight terminal diseases, develop technology for alternative energy, build houses for the poor, feed the hungry people….etc. This is indeed a crazy world because of crazy people controlling it?

  7. Mikhail Gorbachev got big bucks and passport to stay in USA because he sold USSR . With other issues and economical issues that USSR had, it was easy to destroy it.

  8. You should have ran for president of America. Much much better than the clown's this people voted in

  9. The weakest Russian leader in history he was afraid of the West I would a hit the reset botton

  10. He tore down that wall like the kool aid man! Oh yah! You need yoga dah you need a shower dah and you all need to learn how to handle real power!

  11. The aliens will most likely prevent it they have already been turning off and mocking are nuclear facilities

  12. The best leader Russia ever had but the gangsters behind the scenes took over and shoved him out. Now the Demon is leader Putin

  13. I just thought,.. i wonder if i have a mark on the top of my head and dont wven know it ….evennafter all these yeara

  14. Nuclear war is a disaster. It is simply the annihilation of the human species. Waiting for the next evolutionary leap. And who or what is going to fill that void is unpredictable. We just are not that important.

  15. I always liked Gorbachev. A very human leader and straight talker it always seemed. No leaders without their controversy but he wasn’t bad in the grand scheme of things. Reagan was a massive #%^*% though lol.

  16. no way.. sorry… nucs are out of the bag… they're never going back. There're here to stay… best we can do is try to make agreement on their handling and the type of weapons they're allowed to be.

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