Mile High mystery: UFO sightings in sky over Denver (KDVR Fox News Coverage)

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24 Comments on “Mile High mystery: UFO sightings in sky over Denver (KDVR Fox News Coverage)”

  1. Yeah it is often difficult to distinguish between bugs, birds, debris & and true 'anomalies', but I can assure you there are objects in our skies that are indeed unexplainable. I record them often and it's my contention that there's a connection between these objects and the chemtrail agenda.

  2. If they moved fast enough to not be seen by the naked eye, then it would have at some point had to break the sound barrier while accelerating.
    Someone would hear that.

  3. If there IS a technology that allows an object to move at those speeds & defy gravity don't you think there's a possibility they may have the capability to stealth audible detection? Just saying

  4. …those blinders aren't doing much for that tunnel vision my friend. Browse a couple of my videos and call me in the morning

  5. Likely a bug or some floating debris less than a meter away from the lens. If I had to take a guess: ashes flying off a joint.

  6. I capture these things regularly and you're right – the most difficult thing about determining if it is a true anomaly or not is judging distance. This is why I usually use videos that can minimize possibility of birds, bugs, balloons, etc.., being the explanation. My preferred technique is cloud relation. I admit most of these objects can pass for near objects such as bugs…until they start weaving in and out of the clouds.

  7. yup good documentary. have you seen "Evidence: The Case For NASA UFOs" (2004)? You can find part 1 & 2 here on my channel under Playlist: "Where the Trails May Lead"

  8. The Republicans lost the election take me to you're leader.Fox are getting stoned over there unless im looking at V.

  9. for fucks sake, why doesn't he use 2 cameras to rule out flies in front of the lens, and triangulate these objects?

  10. funny you should mention that. I just tried that the other day and seems to work well. I'll be posting videos using that technique soon.

  11. There are many duct fan and jet propelled rc planes. some can go as fast as 200+ mph. there was a report of a object passing close to a commercial flight. The pilot thought it was a RC aircraft. Watch some RC jets on you tube, they look similar to this sighting.

  12. All of this talk about bugs is outrageous! … I cant believe most of you aren't acknowledging how hot Heidi looks in blue!

  13. FOX News' collective IQ slips even further into the abyss, as they can't even identify birds flapping their wings.

  14. debris? yeah right? more likely a launch of a craft involved in a secret space program? can't believe Fox really expected NORAD to admit to anything.

  15. She's gone as she told big fat lies. Lol. All news has been fake forever! All that tell the lies are enemies of USA.

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