Mile Long UFO Near Sun On NASA Satellite, Video! UFO Sighting News. plz like and subscribe.


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  1. (2:00… Beautiful!!!)I believe You, I saw a glowing, multicoloured, shooting out, in skies here some years ago! You help me never forget. This vid is so fine. Tack så väldigt mycket!!! 🌼Maria🌼✨✨


  3. I agree with you, this is likely a biological entity of unknown origin. Angel or Demon who knows! "And no wonder! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light". (2 Corinthians 11:14) Very interesting video, thank you

  4. These are maybe the ''objects'' make the cropcircles… Remember the couple videotaped (long time ago) the bright high speed orbs, that makes the circles in seconds on a field…?! I knew, that was the most believable answer (for some) of the crop circles for me ('til right now)…

  5. Just a interdimensional craft refueling for the central core of the star craft mothership planet…that's all

  6. Jeremiah 32:27 – "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?"
    Isaiah 40:22 – "It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in"

  7. Incredible, Reminds me of one of the round objects sucking energy off the sun . I think the original video was back in 2013 and you may have found it ? Thanks Scott . The trails are quite odd .

  8. I would rather call them ETS than gods . Thank you . Also many ufo crafts are very organic and one with the being . Great work. It is an incredibly advanced ufo/ being that operate as one

  9. Wonderful work Scott! Maybe we can have a chat on my next trip to Taipei. I always try to once a year to visit Lungshan Temple. Cheers.🙏🏽👍🏾

  10. Your exactly right my friend,they are part of our gods or God…..and we are getting to see pics of them..and yes they are living beings,but spirit,I got to see the fiery hot metal looking orbs down here and it has changed my life…..found em in the bible just like I seen em,Ezekiels wheel

  11. I don't think it's a being…if it is, it's some kind of light or energy being. I believe it is way to big to be a life form though…I think it is a HUGE SHIP it's a lot larger than a mile wide!!…It is AT LEAST TWO to THREE TIMES THE SIZE OF EARTH!!!….You said you don't think it could be a ship because there is no way it could just go and stop and make turns so fast without killing the beings inside….you have to think…anyone who could build a space ship bigger than Earth obviously has technology so far beyond anything we could comprehend that they would've figured that problem out a long time ago!! Even though I don't always agree with everything you say Scott, I do think you do a great job finding some unbelievable things! 🙂

  12. Very good catch. You know me I love the helioviewer. This object is freaking huge. Did you ever get the chance to look at the video I sent you.

  13. Aquí la ficción y la realidad se entrelazan y en esta etapa de cuarentena mundial veremos cosas asombrosas como este ser luminoso cerca se sol.un abrazo

  14. For all we know there is some biological entities that float in space of massive proportion and eat solar energy

  15. Im no scientist but those trails look like they could be radio waves. Such as we see on global meteorological apps.. And these beams are haarp.

  16. I think it's a energy absorbing sentient cosmic lifeform of emense size also scott. Yes I'll agree with you on that theory. And I've always viewed space as a life hourboring ocean in it's own right pal. 👽👍

  17. I also just found this and holy shit thanks for refering this software. I just lost a few hours. So then I typed in "space" and went to the google news section to see what kind of stuff wasn't making headlines due to the current circumstances and heck, wouldn't ya know, these lovely people of frollick of glee truth in plain site yet twisted into fiction and materialized – looks kinda similar, but with an implausible (or limited) description of their "artist's depiction". Amazing find, and synchronistically, I couldn't help but think of what I had literally just watched when seeing the photo in the article…

  18. That would be the size of a planet there’s a lot of those big ships out there I’ve seen quite a few of them

  19. Nibiru: The Planet-Sized Mothership that's larger than Earth. Known as Heaven. The Anunnaki pilot this mothership known as Heaven and came onto Earth from it over 400,000 years ago thus the given name "Anunnaki" (Those who from Heaven that came down to Earth) Some believe it has a cannon that can disintegrate planets. The Anunnaki inside Nibiru is in the Solar System right now awaiting their prophesied return.

    The Planet-Sized Mothership:NIBIRU. Nibiru is actually in our solar system right now. Nibiru is the Heaven that the Biblical God (Anu ) was speaking of from the Sumerian text that many millenniums later was transferred into a book in the Bible known as Genesis.
    Nibiru-as big as it is, which is much bigger than Earth can stay parked in mid-space for years. Sense Nibiru runs off of pure energy, not to waste any energy the Anunnaki use orbits to keep the mothership in place, therefore the engine is off, but electricity is endless, batteries is invincible as well as their invincible engine.

    We call them the Anunnaki because that's what the Sumerian humans called them. Melaninated Extra-Terrestrial Beings from distant worlds. Anunnaki bascially means "Those that came down from Heaven to Earth". ( Of course heaven is the mothership Nibiru ) If you want to call them names closer to who they are, then call them Rizqyians ,or Rizians or Sphirozians or which is idicating the planets that they are from such as Rizq/Sphiroz. You can also call them Elohim or Eloheem. Nubians /Egyptians, Kush, Sumerian were all influenced by the Anunnaki's dress code.

    *This is the real heaven that God (Anu) was referring to in the Sumerian text/Genesis.* Heaven was a title that the Anunnaki called their mother ship (Nibiru) before our historians changed the word heaven into an imaginary place.

    As you people didn't know, Nibiru is NOT a planet, and that Nibiru is a planet-sized SHIP. The Anunnaki arrived on the planet Qi (Earth) by way of passenger crafts called shams. Their planet-sized ship Nibiru, which means “planet which crosses the skies, or planet of the crossing” travels at 1,008,600,272 feet per second, the speed of light. Nibiru is about 2½ to 3 times the size of the planet Earth. Nibiru has a crystal dome giving it the ability to break down light, it has solar panels that are the size of pin’s heads or less than that and can generate millions and millions of watts of energy. Nibiru is also called Merkabah by ancient Egyptians:meaning “the movable throne".

    The Anunnaki awaits inside their sphere-shaped mothership (Nibiru/Heaven) within our Solar System. They're awaiting to cleanse this world on a certain time that is near.
    It can be difficult for a human to understand the minds of the Gods, but to simplify it, the Gods aren't babysitters, they don't help those that have no desire to help themselves. Your existence on Earth is a test.

    Their sphere-shaped spaceships (SHAMS) will be dispatched from Nibiru making their way within Earth's atmosphere, they will first land in Africa and Sumeria (Iraq) where it all began.

  20. It's a destroyer, it's a Mothership, it's a colony ship, it's an outpost, A luxury Cruise Ship for the Rulling Elite, Some form of AI? The possibilities are endless one thing for certain it's not ours, it's not humans and further confirms the idea and truth that we're being lied to

  21. If UFOs can jump at the speed of light, then a planetoid ship could as well theoretically. It could also be that the outer floaters could be in another dimension, leaving wake in their paths.

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