Military Personnel Warn Of UFO Sightings – ABC News

ABC News May 31, 2019

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31 Comments on “Military Personnel Warn Of UFO Sightings – ABC News”

  1. Baffling…?!?!?!?!
    Last 75 years of gathering evidence…
    and it's still baffling…?

    Do you think these government heads , of billion dollar programs…
    are truly baffled…?
    Or are they paid too deflect hidden technology , that will put the oil industry out of it's dominant role as the current economic control mechanism…?
    Petro – dollar…!

  2. Everybody knows its alien: Now government(s) come forward because you are making a laughing stock of yourself!

  3. I am quite adamant that things are going to turn hot with those guys. This is just setting up the narrative.

  4. You see the cia are pushing as well.
    And we the awakend and intelligent agencies.
    Now we need to push harder and frequently, like we should make signs and go on the street to the government and demonstrate to tell us everything they know about it.
    We demand the truth and we want to make work of it to make contact asap!
    No more waiting, we need to press the governments to tell us all asap!
    And then we can work to make contact, we unite as one so we can build as one!

  5. Jack Krine, a fighter pilot in the French Air Force, saw with another pilot, the same thing during on of their flying in mission near Belgium.They saw an oblong vehicle, nearly 131 ft long, with a white "divine" light emanating from it. They saw it 3 times in the same night, they tried to follow him, but each time the vehicle went off at a breathtaking speed in a blink of an eye:

  6. If only they'd figure out the REASON we're having so many sightings….it's because of The Peoples Disclosure Movement!! We are a Global movement, over 100 thousand people around the world practice CE5 protocols and having UHHHMMMAAAZING Human Initiated Contact Experiences!!!! ASK me how YOU can too in your own back yard!!!!

  7. UFO Sightings have grown exponential over the last 2 Decades. If they are self reproducing machines (Von Neumann Probes) , as we on Earth also think to colonize the Universe … then we are soon screwed because when they are enough they will take over !!!!

  8. Recently declassified, lol yeah like 2 years ago, welcome to the party sorry that you’re a bit late, typical mainstream media, by the way I watched the first episode of Unidentified and it was basically half commercials and the half they showed was basically the same crap we’ve been hearing for the past 2 years, boring.

  9. The government/military 70 years ago, “make a laughingstock out of anyone who mentions UFO’s”
    The government/military today “stop laughing, this is serious “
    Tom Delong, really, lol the guy is a pinhead, what’s with the stupid mustache, lol the guy is a complete joke!

  10. The government/military makes me laugh, now they’re all serious all of a sudden, what happened did you piss off the extraterrestrials and now you’re going to try and get the masses to hate them, lol don’t be a fool the government/military has known about this forever!

  11. "…threat…" morons why is everything threat to you? always look through the cross hairs never as it actually is. up to this day, they could destroy you, me and everyone else billion times but they didnt!

  12. Admiral Byrd's convoy was attacked and chased out of Antartica by technology so advanced they suffered casualties.

  13. Well have you payed Bob Lazar any attention? So UAP´s are real and Lazars storys add up very well, may it be wrong to look into the Area51/S4 claims? And if they are not from Humans and we can assume that other Countrys have some of the ships it might be a move to try others to come out with theyre stuff and work on it together, because if it is a thread we are in this together as Humans. I dont think Russians or others would start conquering the world as soon as they know how these ships work, infact it might help get the world together. So first you need a way to get youre Military to open the Gates, its not a secret anymore, we are not talking about aliens here, only about the ships.

    Lets say we finally know how to produce those ships and they are extremely powerfull, so what? There are alot of atom bombs around the world and yet we dont bomb each other away. With those ships we had so much more options, also maybe get in contact with the creators of those ships, there is some crazy stuff ahead of us and we have to face it some day. We probably wouldnt be here if they wanted us to go.

    But i guess the fear of the economy collapsing and stuff is to big.

  14. I sore a thing next to the moon going back an forth like a pengelim and taking off i wish i new what's driving these things but what i sore wasn't man made.

  15. -”overflying our militarybases” as in flying over nuclear missile silos turning them off.

    Lol . ”All your base are belong to us” – ETI

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