Missile Sparks UFO Vids, Space Weather | S0 News November 8, 2015

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31 Comments on “Missile Sparks UFO Vids, Space Weather | S0 News November 8, 2015”

  1. +Suspicious0bservers I am not a scientist, but it seems to me that if the LHC magnets were as weak as those from commonplace kitchen appliances, then the collider tunnels would not need to have been built to specifications stringent enough (including materials used and maximization of structural integrity applied) to ensure that 'what happens in the collider stays in the collider', and that if the process of smashing subatomic particles together at nearly light speeds within these collider tunnel/s is known to be such a safe, benign endeavor, then the CERN facility would not have needed to be built to depths of up to 574 feet below the surface of the Earth. I'm assuming the depths to which the facility was built is in part related to the fact that the experiments performed within the LHC are potentially dangerous enough to humankind so as to warrant them being conducted in a location least likely to pose a danger to humankind…

  2. The only culprit was offshore west of Catalina between there and San Nicolas Island, which is a Naval Installation. A submarine offshore was concluded to launch a Trident Missile west of Catalina Island, the military stated it.

    This missile traveled up through 100+ miles and because it did so the sunlight (dark on the surface) in the upper atmosphere refracted the light within the plume’s ice crystals. Because it was so bright and high, it was seen from hundreds of miles away. The blue hue was the rocket fuel chemicals reacting with refracting sunlight. "…All planes have been rerouted until Nov 12th as continued ,secret military exercizes"". Im sure there will be more posted ..I have no idea if that will be credible ..when the military wont tell Calif what their doing at all. I also just found this http://abc7.com/news/secret-military-operations-to-divert-lax-planes-for-a-week/1072890/

  3. Phoenix lights called flares, this called a missile. Sorry Ben that is no missile. Test are done in test areas not near the public armed or unarmed. If this is a missile then it is one hell of a missile. I have plenty of people I know in the military and already know these guys lie all the time. Phoenix lights, military was asked about it and they said they had no idea at first, then said it was flares hmmmm. Smart does not make us wise. No disrespect but the truth is the truth.

  4. You're talking about other bs to make people think it isn't a ufo but we saw what we saw . We're not the only ones out there. Why else would the government prevent us from going to Area 51? Why does the news say it's one thing and the police say it's another? Why didn't government tell us before hard that they were launching a missile? Hmmmmmmmmmmm..

  5. Did you see the smiling Moon, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all lined up in the sky this morning, what a SIGHT. good sign.

  6. Going into a Kp4-5 G1…poleward of 60 degrees… think I'll be missing the aurora by a few tonight… more towards Russia?

  7. If missiles are known to do that, can someone please share a video of another missile that looks like that

  8. I know that the univers is a livable placeand was built to be liveable with all posible interactions seen and unseen occuring its a process a learning opening growing process what we call dying and wisdom and know to be life are but meer stepsone day we may look back and see what we are truely expieriencing

  9. that was a missle test, it was a hypersonic missle, called the x51 waverider, launched from a b52 strato…. very game changing if it was successful

  10. Do you really believe that's a missile test? wow… talk about believing what you're told by the government –
    thought you were a 'suspicious observer', as in more open minded or free thinking – I have no idea what it is,
    but I couldn't feel comfortable just repeating what I've been told. I'm surprised by your naivety S0's

  11. Im just a hill billy n ky, but why should i belive thats a missile! Ive ben to the cape n seen a few lanches n one at nite! I just dont belive thats a missile? Looks like som kind of reintry not a lanch? But i guess the GOP knows best, of what to tell us working poor folks! Thank u Obama for at least trying to help us working poor!

  12. Different layers of the atmosphere? It's traveling horizontal.
    Also, not a Trident. Compare to relevant and well documented sources.
    Note, there's no visible discharge of propellant until it suddenly boosts. Also note the eerie sound at the white-wall.
    I'm not saying it's not a missile, nor am I concluding it's an alien craft. But, it's definitely strange.

  13. Dear S0,
    I respect your work on a daily basis…. but that was not a Trident missile launch. Just go ahead and search other trident missile launches and TRY to find a similar looking event? How long can a super sonic missile stay in sight? A space shuttle launch is (was) out of sight in less time, is larger, and travels slower.
    Or just think about it logically, why would they do this in that location knowing that it could stir up some speculation? Why the pressing need to test a decades old system?

    Ask better questions.

  14. It just occurred to me that solar flares and their reaction with the magnetic field could demostrate how magnestism is a artifact of the aether. Why does the magnetic sheild bow shock when a solar flare hits it. It's not like a flare effects the core is it? I'd be very interested if any had a answer or any thoughts?

  15. I tried using Soho yesterday, as I do several times a week, I was looking from 10/30-11/6, it worked for moment but once it loaded completely znd ran halfway through the dates I picked, it stopped and all of a sudden the site was dosn. Bottom line, there was a LOT of background happenings, coincidence?

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