Monkey On Mars! Animal Discovered In Rover Photo! UFO Sighting News.

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There are two kinds in Japan. The Japanese macaque, is the only native species of (nonhuman) primate in Japan. There is another primate species living on these islands. Taiwanese macaques. The Taiwanese macaques brought over during Taiwans Japanese occupation between 1895 to 1945, escaped from private zoos last century and bred with native macaques. The result is a hybrid population of monkey.


27 Comments on “Monkey On Mars! Animal Discovered In Rover Photo! UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Scott, as you say, we have choices to make about this image…

    1/ This really is Mars and someone at JPL (or whoever does the pre-release image editing) is having a laugh and slipping the odd thing like this into images, for whatever reason (we all know it's far from the first odd thing to be found in a Mars image)

    2/ This really is Mars, and there ARE monkeys there!

    3/ This is not Mars at all, and it's all just fake

    I've found some weird stuff on gigapans so it could even be the uploaders of these – i'd need to see the original source image but i find it hard to imagine Neville T degrading his work by photoshopping something in, so then maybe not…

    In one image (i've got it in my files, somewhere, i'll try and find it) I found at least 5 snakes (complete with scuff marks in the surface near them, where they had skipped over the ground when moving) in the foreground of one gigapan once, so i guess the choices are the same for that one too.

    My money is on Devon Island or somewhere similar, probably multiple locations, but all on Earth.

  2. The Japanese macaque, also known as the snow monkey, is a terrestrial Old World monkey species that is native to Japan. They get their name "snow monkey" because they live in areas where snow covers the ground for months each year – no other nonhuman primate is more northern-living, nor lives in a colder climate.

  3. In ancient times, Earth and other planets were seeded by Lyran beings, cat creatures which evolved over time to ape like species, all of ET origin. There is only 1.6% dna difference between bonobo chimps and humans!

  4. Could that be a person or something? Almost looks like an archeologist brushing sand away. How big is it?

  5. That monkey escaped from the Jupiter II on Lost in Space or Dr. Smith evicted it moments before the ship left Mars. Will and his sister are probably quite upset with Dr. Zachary Smith even now. What do you think Scott ? Thanks for finding this and showing it to us, it kind of gets earthlings off the hook as regards evolution, we now know the truth, Martians evolved from monkeys ! So now we need to find whhat we really evolved from, that is, if you believe in evolution. God bless you Scott and will talk at you later !

  6. Who do you think drives the NASA rover…

    I had to write that comment Scott, it was a poke at NASA.

  7. Maybe NASA is doing an experiment – adding in a monkey with photoshop on purpose, in order to see how long the public will notice something. That's my best guess.

  8. There’s also a lot of 90 degree angled structures around the monkey and openings around the rocky areas.

  9. Obviously, NASA put that innocent animal on Mars to F**k around. Does it show in other frames?

  10. What I enjoy about alot of these mars findings is the obvious questions about abnormalities around these findings "what is/are those items in background around said found abnormality, in this case the Monkey…what are those structures behind it, next to it? What is that Mars Monkey sitting on?…That entire area screams artificial structures.
    Ive seen other mars shots with an obvious abnormality :ex floating spoon..but if you look closely you see it is floating next to other weird stuff..but in actuality it is perhaps a pipe or fiber optic cable jutting out of an artificial structure…sometimes the real prizes in these photos are the things adjacent to the prize.
    But in this case if this IS mars..All the items are amazing and a martian fur baby sitting in/on an old dilapidated building is quite a doozy.

  11. If we could put Bruce on mars and take a picture, Would Bruce say there’s a Jackass on Mars?

  12. …it actually looks real bored!!! A bored Mars monkey waiting fir a dust storm so that it can clean the Rover!!
    Great find again Scott. I remember seeing a couple of pictures relating to monkeys on Mars. One had a young/smaller one if memory serves me correct.

  13. So if you look 30 degrees to the right of that monkey you can also make out Trump and his 👪 and friends

  14. Una scimmia…….ma cosa avete bevuto? Prima di ingrandire l immagine così tanto da far vedere i pixels, si vede benissimo che si tratta semplicemente di una delle tante rocce stratificate come quelle sullo sfondo… fatemi il piacere……

  15. Claiming it's anything is a bit of stretch…. it's odd.. but not proof of monkeys on mars…

  16. There's also a blue light or reflection to the right of it.

    Also, is there a way to tell if that creature gives off heat?? If so, then you can for sure tell if it's alive or not

  17. THE ORIGINAL JUMP ROOM TESTERS SURVIVING ANCESTORS. Yup. In the 1960's technology that allows us to jump to another world was rediscovered. ( something to do with apollo 20 mission? ) Like the stargate show, and they first sent…MONKEYS! They survived and seemed to have procreated and were able to find water, and food. HMM🤔
    Could this be the reason a primate is seen in a Mars picture?

  18. That is deliberate covering need to burn off the shadowing and checkout what they're hiding

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