Monolith In Turkey, Guarded By Military! UFO Sighting News, 2-5-2021.

Military guards mysterious monolith which has appeared in south-eastern Turkey. The three meter tall object was found on Friday near Gobeklitepe, a 12,000 year-old temple in Turkey. Art or aliens…either way…if Turkish military is there, then they feel there is reason to be careful from this possible foreign alien object. Scott Waring.


23 Comments on “Monolith In Turkey, Guarded By Military! UFO Sighting News, 2-5-2021.”

  1. I wonder why the military is guarding it.. Possibly to apprehend the person… Or see if it is from an outside source.

  2. I heard that one was seen in Antarctica also how it got down there is kinda puzzling not sure what to make of this

  3. Probably disinformation to play off the first one but this is close to the ancient sight so that could explain the military

  4. Seeing the armed guys there, I almost don't think they are active duty military, they might be like home guard or something like that, or maybe even national police. The rifles are HKG3s, which are not completely obsolete but are being phased out for the MPT-76s as of 2017. It seems like they are doing a photo op around the monolith, but then fall back and allow the civilians to do selfies, or what have you. They did put a "moral" restraint around it in the form of that police cordon tape. There is a big clue on it, I'm pretty sure that's Turkish writing, if it's not, well, that would be another clue. Maybe someone will find the translation but I'm too worn out to pull up the Turkish alphabet and then type it into Google translate 🥱On edit: this one is unique with cant on the top surface, as compared to other monoliths seen as of late. This one also has an unknown sort of cream colored or white finish. Maybe paint? Who knows?

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