More UFOs, apparition appears in Japan Tsunami news footage

I just spotted this is from a report from Al Jazeera on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. There appears to be something flying through the air in the upper left hand corner of the shot. PLEASE Check the link at the bottom and see for yourself! Many UFO’s have been spotted in the footage shot by the various news agencies around the world. Please look at the original video (see link @ 0:34 ) as it is higher quality. Decide for yourself.

Original Footage:


11 Comments on “More UFOs, apparition appears in Japan Tsunami news footage”

  1. exhaust from the pipes of the helicopter .sorry to debunk it but thats what it is …a helicopter's exhaust …and very low to the ground …lets wait awhile like at night to see them …I bet someonegoing to put up one from a night sighting….

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