49 Comments on “MORE UFOs in Chinese news”

  1. @ArkAngle127 Look into the Dr. Jonathan Reed videos if you want to see a clear picture of a UFO. It is the most valid encounter ever recorded and has yet to be debunked as a hoax.

  2. I get your frustration. I shoot pro video and I even caught interesting things in the sky but you have to get, that UFO's move really fast, why they're usually hard to focus on, people aren't walking around with pro DSLR cameras with skills and or aiming at something else and happen to catch the UFO the last second. The problem with being a non-believer, If the photo or video is clear, then everyone thinks it's fake.

  3. Can't win with non-believers that don't do their homework. People tend not to believe what they "know" little about.

  4. @sporopeza01 The real problem is you calling an alien space a craft a ufo. UFO means unidentified flying object, so if you know what it is, it's not a ufo.

  5. @demmylowther Well, I hope you have good concrete evidence to suggest no other life forms have been here, besides saying, "the pictures are blurry!" Do you really think an alien space craft is gonna sit in place so we can get a good picture of it? Also look up the battle of L.A.(not the movie) that picture is not blurry, nor is the video of the lights over D.C. I'm not saying that they've been here for a fact but it is a 50/50 possiblity. Not all UFO's are aliens either…..

  6. @demmylowther U.F.O. stands for unidentified flying object. Also please don't be arrogant, just because you choose not beleive something doesn't mean everyone who disagrees is "some dumb sons of bitches" it makes you sound like a child.

  7. After watching this in detail I have come to a conclusion. Its space peadophiles.

  8. @xGlobalTerrorZ people post this dumbass question in EVERY chinese video, along with all kinds of racist shit… the answer is simple: there are many varieties of the language and without subtitles some viewers wouldn't understand what's being said.

  9. So with all the cameras and cell phones nabbing everything possible, nobody can get a clear, detailed, distinct picture of a UFO?

    My ass…

  10. I have spent a lot of time in China and I can translate a little. Basically, they are saying that the UFOs are visiting Chinese people because the Americans are lazy and suck at math. Aliens are also very attracted to the sound of violins so expect to see more and more over the clear and beautiful skies of China and children should listen to their parents.

  11. @MilanNemes I can repeat every word 😀 shou dou shing dou ling dong dou shou mou dou ding pou ping ling sou

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