Most Famous UFO Sightings Iceberg Explained

These are the most famous UFO sightings in depth. Many of them were reported by military and trusted officials who only stood to receive mockery for coming forward. What are your thoughts on these cases?

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00:00 Intro
00:12 Kaikoura Lights
01:10 USS Nimitz UFO Incident
01:53 Mexican Airforce UFO
02:30 STS-48
02:59 O’Hare International Airport Saucer
04:18 Delhi Airport
04:59 Bright Blue
05:45 On Flight Footage
06:33 Rendlesham Forest
07:07 Levelland UFO Case
08:41 Westall UFO
09:38 Belgian UFO Wave
10:14 Stephenville, Texas
11:06 Arequipa UFO Incident
11:48 Phoenix Lights
12:55 Aguadilla Airport Incident
13:46 Japan Airlines Flight 1628
14:53 Tehran UFO Sightings
16:09 Flatwoods Monster’s Spacecraft
16:52 Kenneth Arnold
17:38 143 Military Cases
18:21 Jerusalem UFO

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