Mount Vesuvius Decapitation – The Pompeii Disaster

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15 Comments on “Mount Vesuvius Decapitation – The Pompeii Disaster”

  1. Poor bas**rd! At least it would have been quick! It would have been awful to be running for your lives & that of your children’s, I can’t imagine what that would have been like. Personally I think the man most likely had a quick, and a painless death severing his spinal cord. It’s heartbreaking to think of. Much love 💕

  2. What does "tktc" stand for? It doesn't stand for " light up the dark " it doesn't stand for "the Lost History Channel" either, so what does it stand for?

  3. I have been studying earthquakes and volcanoes for about 3 yrs I also study spaceweather as I understand the connections. More is being learned daily as to the effects of say coronal holes and earthquakes. Its fascinating Thank you for the great video I hope it sparks people's curiosity to know more about their home

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