31 Comments on “Moving Rock On Mars! Alien Animal Found, May 2014 UFO Sighting News.”

  1. It looks to me like a simple perspective issue. The angle at wich the photos are taken are différent each time so you don't sée the object all the time at the same place.

  2. I have seen this anomaly on Sol 1841 and in Sol 1852 in addition to those you have mentioned. However, in Sol 1852 it is less characteristic of the profile in the images from the other solar dates. Regardless, it is not there on one day — and then it is. Later, it reappears in another location altogether. I cannot help but speculate that there must be porous rocks that are blown around like tumble weed. Or, perhaps like those rocks in Death Valley that move as if by their own volition.

  3. my phone can take better pictures. why is the resolution so low. we spend all that money and they put a crappy camera on the robot.

  4. scott, did you ever notice that the object behind the rocks is actually beyond a small ridge where the rocks are. i've looked at the images a bunch of times and it seems like the large rocks are sitting on the apex of a ridge and the object is somewhere in the valley of the ridge, so it might actually be a lot larger than a beach ball. let me know your thoughts.

  5. 1:34 "the object is gone!"
    There is clearly something there in picture 4, directly to the left of the head of the arrow you drew in there. It's obviously a shadow of some kind, why does it have to automatically be a living moving creature? I'm trying to point out that you seem to be selectively deciding what is and is not an object based on whether or not it supports your theory.

  6. Wow. Mars has strong wind gusts that can move small rocks around.
    Also, shadows move across the terrain as Mars rotates around. Duh.
    Besides, that cracked rock is obviously where Bigfoot stepped on it.

  7. it crawled behind the middle rock and popped out in pic 5 if you look at the top of the rock in the middle in pic 4 you can see where its sticking up, there are black spots that are not there in pic 5

  8. It's silly to assume that this is a living creature. Consider the sliding rocks of Death Valley. This is in my opinion a natural phenomena, not a living creature.

  9. If you haven't noticed there's an aliens head sticking out behind the rock in one of the pictures. Doesn't look like it was apart of that moving rock but an alien. You can clearly see it's eyes and even the big head at that. Interesting.

  10. i agree with amber if you look at the white rock without the crack in it and look at the difference between picture 3 and 4 you will see that there is a black shape at the top of the rock about where the creatures head would be…

  11. The things that look like rocks, could be depressions in the ground that that are in shadow.
    When the sun is shining directly into them, they would seem to disappear.

  12. Scott, great video ! There is something definitely going on up there.. IT's a ROCK CONCERT staring the….. ROLLING STONES !!
    No, SERIOUSLY NOW.. if you look again at the evidence you posted , look at the rock all the way to the right you can see the (Picture Number 2)  " Creature" behind the rock barely sticking out. Then the next photo  you point out the creature is moving to the right as it's between the two rocks.

    You can just see him poking out behind the rock all the way to the right at the beginning of his "Journey" (Journey, rock… get it ? ok bad one there)


  13. Very fanciful explanation of the shadows of rocks moving during a Martian sunset.  (BTW, the photo numbers represent hours and minutes based on Martian hours).  A viewer on Earth can achieve a similar effect at sunset by looking at a pile of rocks that face West, while the viewer faces South-South-East.  The shadows of the rocks will move in the same manner.
    Shadows are often mistaken for creatures, and many old myths about shadows haunt us still today.

  14. do the figures 1833 etc refer to time?  If so we could judge the speed…..I think maybe in the pic where it is missing it could have head down behind the other rock…..

  15. Mars Turkey…looks like a Turkey…on MARS….I'd eat that MARS Turkey…if I were a human on Mars…a Human having Thanksgiving dinner…with Becky and Taylor Swift.

  16. You're an idiot.  Hmm lets think about what we know is moving.  The rover and the sun.  You are seeing the shadow of the rover.  Anyone with an IQ over 90 should be able to deduce that….

  17. I love that the logic here is to immediately jump from "object appears in photograph" to "OMG alien on Mars".   Mars is not an unchanging planet.  Things on the surface can move.  The fact that you call the object a "creature" or "animal" or that it has a head proves that you're already biased towards believing it's an alien and therefore invalidating your claims.

    This is so far removed from the scientific method that it's not even funny.

  18. its a fantasmatic thing for all us to see a creature in a different planet, but marsh is an hostile place, when any living creature can lives, and when we really  want to see something like that who is almost impossible, our brain starts to play tricks, and begins to associate any object has an alien…

  19. Moving rocks MY ASS!!  It's not the rocks that are moving, it's THE ROVER.

    In this sequence of images, the rover is moving from right to left, keeping the camera pointed at the 3 large rocks.  Just look at the 2 dark rocks in the foreground and the surfaces of the 3 large rocks and you'll see that THE ANGLE YOU'RE VIEWING THEM AT changes.

    Do a simple test. Position similar size & shape objects on a table, view them through a camera as you slowly move around the table.  In photography it's called "PERSPECTIVE", look it up sheeple.

  20. You know that rock with a crack looks a lot like an annunaki skull to me. I can see eye sockets and a very long skull. anybody else see it?

  21. Please excuse my english level, is not very well. The broken rock is located on the edge of a small hill and the "anomaly" is not placed at the same level, it is behind but in a lower level. In the image 2 the camera is close to the broken rock and therefore at this distance the "anomaly" is hidden by the edge of the soft hill. In the image 3 the camera moves back and it rises, overcoming the obstacle of the edge of the hill, which is no longer hidden the "anomaly". In picture 4, the camera step back again but at this time also rotates to the left and then the anomaly is being hidden by the big rock that appeared in the left in the previous one. In the image 5, the camera rotates to the left, even more, and rises again, so now, from this angle, the big left rock that in the previous picture was the obstacle to see the so called "anomaly" is not in the path between the camera and the "anomaly". The best way to understand that what appears to be an anomaly is just a sequence of images in which the camera moves back ( or open the focus) while is rotating around the group of rocks to the left side hidding or showing during the travelling a rock placed behind in a lower level .is to pay attention to the location of the rocks placed in the mountain behind the main scene ,but I have to say that I feel very gratefull to all the people who is interested in Mars and searching for anomalies. Just to add that I think that those idiots screaming "photoshopped!!!!" all the time should be watching a lady gaga MTV video or something like that if they cant show some respect to the people who is just interested in the surface and conditions of another planet and of course can fail understanding the images but are not interested at all in fooling anyone.

  22. Its a ditch with some small rocks in it. Look at the 'v' shape just above and to the left and you can see that the camera angle moves obscuring it.

  23. Hi just watched this and noticed at 1:25 in the clip if you pause it you will see a black object in picture 5 thats in between the two large rocks it isnt there on picture 4 but you didnt mention it

  24. The rock with the crack in it seams to move, look to the right of it as you go through the photos and you'll see what appears to be a spade shape tail move.

  25. What I see is the camera angle changes causing the articles to look like they have moved. Then the shadows get larger as the light source moves down and causes the shadow to reflect differently on the back ground. Thats what I see.

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