MrMBB333 caught an "Armada of lights (UAP's UFO's) on ISS camera; Meteors? Space Warz? What is go…

Mr. Mission Control is my intellectual property, a made up character I utileize to bring folks music, news and entertainment. Often times he tells people what they want to hear to be friendly. Stalkers, Gangstalkers, Psycopaths and Gaslighters will not be afforded this entertainment and will be handeled off air if they contact me personally. Mission tells tall tales sometimes which in no way resembles the real life actions of the owner of this channel. Mission sometimes gets the wrong news from unsecure, unverified sources and is not responsible for damages incurred if you disclose private information with him. Keep it real in the chat and respect Mission’s & YouTubes guidlines PLEASE.
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The views and opinions of the people on the panel, or in chat, do NOT represent that of the channel or me, the owner.
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