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  1. where did it happen, when, and what was the barometric pressure? If the pressure was high then it could be birds. But if the pressure was low then no way. Birds don't fly that high when the pressure is low because it hurts their ears. so that would mean its something else.

  2. MUFON keep doing this sort of thing, they are trolling everyone. In MUFON Global on Facebook, I got banned for saying that they allowed all sorts of stupid comments, like " I see a dog in the sky" and this was a post from a MUFON Global MODERATOR!!!! They are peddling disinformation and letting trolls take over to distract from the real evidence. Its sad, but true. Maybe they are part of the global disinformation sect.

  3. Why is it always there? Here it's nothing. Maybe they appeared just once a year or 2. Dayumm

  4. Very poor quality video. But, I don't think they are birds because I notice that several of them seem to be "paired up" which was also observed in the Tremonton, Utah film made by Delbert Newhouse back in 1952. You can watch that film here along with an interesting interview with Newhouse himself:


    So, why the pairing the the ET UFOs in flight? My theory is that it's a form of defense. Most likely only one of the craft in each pair is piloted and the other is just a stripped down drone that follows along with it as the two orbit each other. The idea of this motion is to confuse any ground based military heat lasers that might be trying to lock onto the craft prior to firing on them. Even if a laser's intense infrared beam manages to hit and disable one of a pair of ET UFOs, there is only a 50% chance of it being the one carrying an ET pilot. It would be better to have one piloted craft being orbited by two drones, but that complicates matters in terms of the programming used by the crafts' computerized flight control system. It also requires another 50% of interior space be devoted to the storage of the craft aboard the mothership which delivered them to our atmosphere.

    If this theory is right, then it's probable that the "fleets" of these types of smaller mothership carried ET UFOs did not have this system installed in them just because they were visiting our planet. They have probably visited many humanoid inhabited, terrestrial worlds in our galaxy and had enough lasers being used to try to shoot their scout craft down to justify using this system. When we humans finally successfully duplicate the propulsion technology of our ET "visitors", we may find ourselves using the same kind of defensive measure on the inhabited worlds we visit!

  5. Did anyone see the YT video "testimony" by a real life man-in-black? It was horrific. I think it was on UFOMan, or UAMN TV, I don't remember which channel.
    It was a real shocker, but cut out while I was watching it! But now it's completely disappeared! It's not in my History, and not on either of those two YT channels. Someone had to have seen it.

  6. I am looking to get in contact with Scott Waring if possible. Is there a way for me to private message him?

  7. MUFON is a Joke never report to them or give them your personal information they often ask for it and when you post a video onto their many groups they come up with any excuse to remove it in order to hide the truth how do I know I been kicked out of 5 groups in one day for putting Real UFO 🛸 videos up

  8. That's how you gather hard evidence. They are only visible at night like the wandering stars. Do do do do do do do do do do.

  9. I do not know what the hell they are. They are hard to see. I rewatched on .25 speed and stopped every few seconds. Either they are surrounded by very talented doves that love to triangulate with other doves or you got something here folks. This is crazy looking from the video. I doubt these folks would lose their cool like this over birds. These folks sound like they would know the local critters… and these folks know that they are watching something they can not explain. Simple. Thank you for sharing.

  10. With all the clear footage of UAP's being reported and submitted to MUFON daily,they choose this clip as a example?Strange!

  11. Cellphones don't make the best cameras, but if you can pause at 0:32 of the 34 second video and go full screen, you can see maybe a dozen of them near the all over. They're very faint small white dots. They could just be insects.

  12. it was not possible to see much. However, from what I saw and know, it seems to be the Starlink.

  13. Why are you guys using my video footage again I did not give you permission to continuously use my video footage why are you using my video footages without my permission I did not sign anything over to you stop using my videos that is copyright infringement

  14. How is it even remotely possible that the “OFFICIAL MUFON CHANNEL” has ONLY 1 “UFO VIDEO” in the last 5 MONTHS, and it’s THIS GARBAGE of all things???? I can find DAILY UFO SIGHTINGS on channels that DONT FOCUS ON UFO’s so why is MUFON failing to provide anything????? What am I missing?

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