Multiple UFOs Light UP Kentucky! Best UFO Sighting Of October 2014

Best UFO Sighting Of October 2014 Multiple UFOs Light UP Kentucky! Raw video Caught By David shot tonight at 7:42 pm est Check Out DestinationHuman2012 Channel Click Link! Also check out his Radio Show Click Link!

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43 Comments on “Multiple UFOs Light UP Kentucky! Best UFO Sighting Of October 2014”

  1. the second one posted with this jerking camera motion, very suspicions. One one can't focus on either, anyone shooting something this important would steady the camera some how, both did exactly the same thing zoomed in to far to see it clear.think they are a hoax.

  2. Only thing incredible here is how hard it is for people to find something sturdy with which to stabilize their cameras.

  3. next time, take a deep breath and hold it, holding your arms tight to your sides, this prevents the camera/ video cam from moving all over the friggin place, or use a friggin tripod!!!!

  4. UFOS and aliens are not what they seem, they are inter dimensional rather than extra terrestrial. They are EVIL and are part of Satans demons trying to deceive people. At the end of times they will claim to be makers of the human race. Be prepared people and research this more – read about the fallen angels breeding with women in the beginning of time. Only Jesus can save and we should look to Him only. Please do some research and open your eyes to the truth.

  5. if u kno the haaarp learn that this video is from the same position as that video why dont they show us the whole video a crying shame another gr8 video n vry real footage but why dont they show it from the start check n watch the same location as in haaarp sounds video,s

  6. That's two airplanes the sun is going down so the hight of the airplane makes it look lit up with an orange glow from the sun.

  7. Those two bright orange streams are contrails, lit up by the sun as it dips below the horizon. You'll notice the trees and clouds are quite dark, which is because they are below where the suns rays reach. Commercial airlines usually travel between 30,000 to 40,000 feet, and those clouds could very well be around 5,000 ft or lower. The altitude of the contrail is also why its so bright, with less atmosphere the light being reflected is greater than you would normally see with clouds sitting well below the troposphere.

  8. Hello I'm from Bowling Green, KY and I saw this exact same thing in the sky at around late 6ish 7ish the light was so bright it was almost like gold and it was super bright and it was moving faster than that. I was on the phone with my grandmother at the time it happened walking home from a family member and this occured around October the beginning of the month in 2014. I was afraid to say anything because I figured I was loosing it but after seeing this now I know EXACTLY what I saw!!! and I'm not alone.

  9. Felicitaciones por el vídeo amigos. Es la 'senda' o 'camino' correcto… Me suscribo a vuestro canal y os invito a que visiteis el mio. In el mismo encontrareis abundante material gràfico de este tipo. Saludos

  10. I live beside both an airport and military base and have never seen a jet look like that, Chem trails maybe but not this.

  11. All the satellites sent into space eventually come back down, we have been shooting that into space for 30+ years along with the rest of the world, its now starting to fall back to earth, lots more to come!.

  12. Wow this is amazing! you just blew the lid of the government conspiracy to deny contrails and sun light. you should use all the money you make from stupid videos to buy a tripod.

  13. If you stop it in the right place @ 7:04 you can see two lights at the lead end of the trails, as if crossing paths.
    For those who say it is a jet plane, why is the small craft following along. Both headed into an airport?

  14. I saw a singular one just like it around 2005 over Plano, IL. It looked like a flame in the sky and just sat there in the same place for a long time! I saw it another day that week too and then never again. I didn't have anything to take a picture of it tho. I have seen other youtube videos of the same thing from other places over the years. Nobody seems to come up with an explanation

  15. I saw the same slow fireball in Kentucky traveling north on Interstate 65 to Louisville September 19th, 2015. Close to Fort Knox and Godman Army air force base. Oddly there was a second fireball that moved upward as if to meet the first one that appeared out of nowhere. In connection with seeing this I witnessed something else which I will not go into on this post.
    If I had to guess, a speculative guess, these that I saw are our own military and their, or a version of advanced propulsion systems,

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