23 Comments on “Must See!!!UFO Makes News!!May 24 2012”

  1. Holographic projections compliments of the NWO. Prepping people for the staged 'alien invasion.' The dipshit, entranced populace is prepared to believe anything, good luck to them…

  2. I've often wondered; if they're trying to stay out of sight, why turn the headlights on? Y'know?

  3. Not as many as you think, bro. Yeah, you know and the others that pay any attention whatsoever to what is going on all around them, but you my friend are the samll, small, small minority unfortunately. Far worse than project bluembeam shit has been happening for eons but people still stay asleep.

  4. I do believe UFO's are real, but I also think it's true what you say about a staged alien invasion event. Not sure when they are going to do this but I think it's getting close.

  5. Yeah, I agree, of course UFOs and aliens and all sorts of other shit we were never privy to in 'education' are real, it's just that the media, the tv/movies specifically, are used to hypnotize and then steer people to their version of ufos, aliens, what life in general is really all about, etc. It's like prepping the people's subconscious so they will manifest the event they are implanting in you all along. Mind control.

  6. that was here near my place its crazy i watch that for 30 minute with my sky master its was a ufo .. be side the 2 brite star

  7. ya its crazy i saw that to .. it was a ufo standing as a star ,, no one relise waths up there i see menny ufos coming out to a worm holl ..

  8. Similar object in sky seen from uk.. It's there sum nights glows mainly red and also white and blue, in east sky from north east (uk)

  9. that black new reporter is what people on youtube call (SHAPE SHIFTING) look at he'e eye's at the start weird???

  10. Seen these in Ireland, sometimes a lot lower, and moving at various speeds, manoeuvring and changing directions at impossible speeds and angles, then coming to sudden stops, sometimes accelerating at enormous rates… then zoom off or more commonly just vanish… when they're close/low they appear saucer shaped and quite big… lol @ balloons or rc helicopters explanation

  11. "Turn to Jesus Christ, before its too late!" *cough*bullshit*cough*… The last days? Yeah they are, the last days of the world as we know it, but the world wont end, it will change, it will be a golden age, it will be a time of the "13 heavens" … But our gods are them, the aliens, not God, Jesus, Allah or other shits that are believed to be gods.

  12. Then why dont they come to our planet already instead of just hovering about??? I think Its secret government projects….

  13. Hay guys. I can tell you what you are looking at. They are the living angels. Writen about in the Bible. Ezekiel Chapter one actually explained all that.

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