My 2nd UFOs Sighting on 07 Januray 2012 – Centurion, South Africa

In this video I provide details regarding my 2nd UFO Sighting on 07 Januray 2012, Centurion, South Africa.

In summary I witnessed three bright orange/red orbs moving perpendicular to the movement of the clouds followed up by a huge dark grey, barely noticeable against the night sky, crescent-shaped object. The orbs didn’t flicker, make any sound and emitted no smoke (no visible structure like a Chinese Lantern where visible abound the orbs). The crescent object was about 30 metres above me and moved in the same trajectory of the orbs at about walking pace emitting no light or sound.

As always, until we get better data we I can only speculate as to what these bright orange/red orbs and dark grey crescent-shaped craft might have been.

My Blog Post featuring: ‘My 2nd UFOs Sighting on 07 Januray 2012 – Centurion, South Africa:’

I’ll include the link here once the images are available over at my Blog within the next day or two.

Location of the sighting:

Google Earth Location: Latitude: 25°43’35.35″S and Longitude: 28°13’9.88″E

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My intention is only to share anomalies I’ve discovered on Mars and not to convince anyone that there is or was a civilization on Mars.

As Will Farrar from WhatsUpInTheSky says: “I see what I see, you see what you see.”

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7 Comments on “My 2nd UFOs Sighting on 07 Januray 2012 – Centurion, South Africa”

  1. almost looks like a cloaked vessel, i know that sounds star trekky, but a triangle craft with just some kind of propulsion system, maybe the orange orbs are the engine outlets or something like that, could be 3 individual objects as well, this is a good one jean , thanks

  2. Very good job of documenting details of the sighting. Was the camera digital or emulsion film? I am secretly hoping for emulsion as a professional studio might be able to pull something up.
    Thank you very much for sharing, Jean.

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