Mystery As Giant Stone Road Resurfaces From Beneath The Pacific Ocean

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22 Comments on “Mystery As Giant Stone Road Resurfaces From Beneath The Pacific Ocean”

  1. We know Giants existed. Megalithic structures alone prove this. The ancients had the knowledge to create precision carvings, and shapes, using both Gravity Cancellation, as well as Sound Carving to any desired form.
    This "road" or path may well have been made by the Giants. When I meet one, I will ask !

  2. Maybe long ago, a man and a woman went over this road, crossed it, and started a family somewhere on a different land, and that created a certain folk.

  3. Doesn't look natural AT ALL !!! I saw a movie where a character said ''God does not build in straight lines''. I'm sure you brought us the perfect case here.

  4. Πως βγήκαν στην επιφάνεια τα μεγαλιθικα ευρηματα? Αποτραβηχτηκαν και εκεί τα νερά όπως στο Καβούρι ?

  5. Looks like a lava flow to me, to be sincere. This feature may have volcanic origin IMO. The location also suggests possible volcanic origin.

  6. Mystery as giant stone road resurfaces from beneath the Pacific Ocean. Sakhalin Island Russia

    As a geologist, my comment on this is as follows:

    A geological beauty created by nature. A structure formed by glaciers in the last ice age of rocks whose surface appears to be polished. We define these structures in geology as Glacial Striations. Cracks crossing the rock road from one side to the other are joint (fracture) structures in geology. Note that they are parallel to each other. Joint formation, as we all know, is formed by tectonic movements. It is not possible for them to be made by human hands.

  7. il y a plusieurs civilisations disparues sous les eaux qui réapparaissent du au mouvement des eaux a la surface a chaque 26 000 ans la terre subit une rotation comme une toupies

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