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  1. The reason why they never disabled the live feed, instead what they did was put it on a 10 second delay Loop, like they do for live TV, so they can zap out cursing and other things.

  2. So good to see you back bro,
    Pace your self, take your vitamins and keep up the excellent work.
    Love from UK 🇬🇧

  3. How can I show you some of U.F.O videos and pictures??? I work in L.A and I see then quite often… I actually watch a cloud disappear as it entered it!!!

  4. Let's try to understand your logic, NASA is hiding those videos but you can access them easily and watch "ufo"? omg these people is just too dumb 😂😂😂

  5. so you guys are being messed with on a super dumb level… they show you bad cgi and hire propaganda stars like secureteam10 to brainwash you by repeating everything and showing you the buildup while programming you with what you are GOING TO SEE… notice that? he didnt play the tape and ask anyone a thing he built up the whole story while you drooled over the imaginitive aliens conducting top secret communication with nasa spies… lol.. or whatever you feel like entertaining… maybe a hollywood movie or 2 to stimulate the stubborn… pfft.. ill give you a hint….. go down the timeline of events again, if you can find the ones that nasa did so bad they either vacuumed them up or made it real hard to find, then analyze all of it… its a cartoon to cgi to augmented reality timeline.. it matches our mainstream tech to a t… as our cgi skills get better so do nasas product… if you were offered trillions over a decade to do something very difficult, wouldn't you make a movie like you really did it and keep the money? I would… what if i told you NASA was really a black budget operation and that includes the tv brainwashing of a totally different reality.. for God sakes thrust is impossible in total vacuum…. physics do not permit any of this nonsense.. especially humans in vacuum… ouch…

    But at the end of the day well know secureteam1o is in on it…

  6. UFOs are real. Aliens are obviously real in MANY MANY forms both physical and trans-dimensional. Duh. This is no longer AMAZING!!!! This is just life. Wait about two months. This channel will just become a documentary series of commonly accepted events and knowledge. Get your God and get your guns, people. The little green men are coming…and no I'm not joking.

  7. Btw: That wasn't a craft. That was an entity. Most of them project and need no ship or vessel or air. We assume the rest of the omniverse is like us.

  8. The space station is where astronauts get picked up by aliens to shuttle them to the underground bases on mars.

  9. I find it hilarious that people don't realize this Tyler kid was like a little kid starting this channel. It isnt professional at all lmfao people saying CIA lol its the same kid just finally hit puberty lol

  10. Don't know how any of you really feel, but I don't know that we're ever going to actually have "full disclosure". The reason, I believe, is really rather obvious if you think 🤔 about it.
    Visitors observing our society can see that we live together on our planet and suffer from simultaneous worldwide epidemic's of deaths from both obesity and starvation! Observers would see Earth warriors killing brother Earth warriors. The would witness senseless acts of Rape, Murder, and hatred of our mutual family of Earthling over imaginary borderlands and the color of melanin in our Earthly skins. We hunt defenseless animals for sport not to feed the starving, we disregard those who are less mentally capable, our "council of elders"(Government) are honestly gangsters, and our children are taught not to study what truly fascinated them because of bureaucracy.
    If they landed in peace, most of the population would run and hide, while our military service members, public officials, militias and the gun carrying members of the public would shoot first and ask questions about the remaining body and technology later.
    Disclosure?! This is it. Pentagon confirms U.AP. "We don't know what it is but we're still inquiring."
    And scene.
    If anyone read this far. WE have to make sure to reach out the olive branches! US!! The Pseudo-Science, Conspiracy Theory aficionados! We have to do it right. Right now, right away! Or do nothing and never know what the Universe is really, truly, like in our lifetime.

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