NASA WHAT HAPPENED? 100s Of UFOs Just Swarmed The ISS! Monolith UPDATE!

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30 Comments on “NASA WHAT HAPPENED? 100s Of UFOs Just Swarmed The ISS! Monolith UPDATE!”

  1. 9min. in video, that's probably by the coast of south-east of
    Argentina. Those lights are fishing boats, that use strong
    lights aiming down at the water
    to fool squids to think it's full
    moon, and head up to the surface. To be caught by the fishing crew. Nothing strange,
    just people working.
    But you probably erase this comment, cause of all the hundreds of comments there are only comments of people who don't contradict with your
    video. So that means you deleted every comment that doesn't agree with you.
    So… you think with only positive
    comments, your story is to be
    more believable ?. That says a lot about you. It says you can't take criticism. There is no perfect world in which everyone
    believes you.
    How strange. 🕵️‍♂️

  2. Did you know there is a Monolith on the small moon of Mars, and on Mars itself? There Big, And WE didn't hear this from NASA!!!!! I saw it, for the first time 3/12/21 on a Video from Russia. It was from their lost Lander!!

  3. I've seen a similar thing like tha t it flew through my window and then through my ceiling it looked similar to flubber but was pulsing with white light and was very fast but was about as big as a basketball. ..

  4. They are angels in these last days they come as dots of light they can come down in the form of a young man some people will be entertained unaware i met one at my door to give me a message and another time 3 of them put on a display for me and my brother one night,this is very very true, too much to put in text….yup!

  5. Ross,Ross,Ross.
    ᎷᎪᎦᎦᎬᎦ .

  6. These are obviously, of course – "ice crystals" flying in perfect formation, with no random movement for individual flecks. Oh, NASA, just… why do you lie?

  7. wierd it has no light emphasis on the black cars chrome or around the area go back to the site and run around with a tiny led and see the micro refelection s on the cars

  8. Sadly the comment section shows exactly the type of uneducated people atrracted to these clickbaity nonsense explanation videos, no wonder most don't take UFO's seriously…

  9. That cam is shooting through glass reflecting light the corona is bouncing major on glass. Trick of the light, A trick of the light it looks like.

  10. Every time spacex launch’s starlink sats you guys have a video of a swarm of ufos…. ever think those a starlink sats?? Lol

  11. That looks like some somebody shot an LED light bulb a high-density LED flashlight bulb and was just moving it around

  12. So were calling starlink satellite installation UFOS now … because of course them being alien drones is far more probable.

  13. The video from "Thirdphase". So I believe what we are seeing here is one big ship. If you watch close its easy to see the stars in the back ground disappear behind an the object. The flickering or shifting is from it being in space radiation or something. Definitely one big craft. They are all wobbling in unison. Why are they trying to convince everyone that they are many separate crafts???

  14. Forget all of that what happened to that video last night you shows they just erased it from my YouTube

  15. One thing I can guarantee you is that if it triggered an infrared sensor it had to be creating heat and infrared radiation to accommodate that Firefly would not do that also it almost appeared that it was creating a distortion in the Mist environment indicating that it was a hot it was different temperature than the surrounding environment and obviously it showed signs of intelligent control it appeared to be some kind of intelligently control plasma

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