41 Comments on “Navy pilot recalls 'out of this world' encounter”

  1. I want one really bad I wish I could talk to the ship and become one with it fly anywhere go on an adventure and learn from other civilizations across the universe see all types of superheroes technology omg

  2. Imagine the guys theorizing htat exposing existence of these would create panic in the world and fall of economies around the world while it made sidenews and noone cares. LOL

  3. I thank David for his courage and transparency. It's men like Cmdr. Fravor that we need to see more of. – a sort-of unwitting, "Organic" disclosure.

  4. Technically speaking, they don't defy the laws of Physics as they work on optics fundas as refraction. There is a detailed description in Hindu scripture Vimana shastra of it.

  5. I mean there has been evidence of these creatures and tons of sightings over the last century. Question is, what are they doing here and why stay for this long ?

  6. "I'm not really sure why Putin is more interesting than this"… Oh, poor Tucker. He hasn't figured out he works for a government-controlled media yet. His honesty is refreshing. He actually gives this topic the attention it deserves.

  7. Why is this not on every news channel in the world, these witnesses are not drunks on the way home sighting a light in the sky

  8. So many lifeforms out there. Who knows where they were from…. Always amazed at how so many get scared over this stuff. Never bring that stuff up at work that is for sure.

  9. “They” are making themselves more known. Whatever “it” is —— we are going to find out relatively soon. I hope I’m still alive when it happens.

  10. I heard that the US military is always 20 years ahead of what we know, so my theory is the Military developed a special type of Aircraft and this aircraft was so special and classified that not even the President knew about it and they wanted to test this aircraft out and there is no better way to test it than to put it up against the worlds best military; themselves. So they flew this aircraft or drone above a US carrier strike group to test it.

  11. In the video titled "UFOs: Retired Navy Commander Describes His Sighting In 2004" He describes the object flying directly in front of him and then literally disappearing, not flying away. Hmm

  12. How many times must pilots have encountered these ufos and been afraid to speak. Well done Commander David Fravour for being so brave and reporting it.

  13. I know it seems unlikely but I think these are human pilots with craft re-engineered from the Rosewell crash site and perhaps it was true

  14. 3 years later and this has become the most significant UFO sighting in modern American history. This could be the one that changes the public's perception of UFO's…

  15. The reason i believe this guy is because he has evidence to go with these claims that prove he saw that thing. Usually people have no evidence.

  16. Y is tis suggested for me now..tis is all made up for money nd fame as usual…. hopefully atleast one among the 10,000 might be true..even tat is a great win…

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