24 Comments on “NBC News UFO in Stephenville Texas”

  1. It may have been sighted/reported (UFO), but you never know what it is, before we have one. So, we haven't, so I don't believe it. Well, yeah, but I'm trying to say. I've seen so many videos like this, without "realisim" involved. I mean, some guy reported to the Air Force etc here in Norway about UFO of Oslo, when it was only a huge plastic bag stuck in a flag pole, and the sunset refection in the window as he filmed, I mean come on? Be realistic! I think there is life out there…

  2. nice thinkin. thats true they might that we're all too stupid and so decide to wipe us out

  3. It depends on how you define it. A ufologist resembles a historian in that matter. The historian gets info from the logs and remains from the past given by him. Reading logs and whatnot does not make it downright true because the human factor is still included.

  4. i saw something in 2003 it was about 5:00(it was still sunny ouy) i asked my mom if those were stars but it was to bright outside for there to be stars my friend came over i asked his mom if he saw things she said yes at around 10:00 my dad was working outside and told me to come out the sky was pink?!
    well thats the story i guess and dont make nasty comments on this comment if you dont belive dont watch the videos!!!

  5. its like that cartoon network show courage the cowardly dog. they lived in a house in the middle of nowhere ha!

  6. Ghosts are real… are you familiar with the fact that matter can neither be created nor destroyed… the protons and electrons that make up your body remain after you are deceased… therefore your body makeup and composition still exists.

  7. i saw a ufo when i was going to vegas a bigigg light low on the freeway seemed like it was going to crash but then moved so quick and then do the same thing it almost caused an accident, ALIENS ARE REAL!

  8. Wasnt that guy Whitley Strieber from Stephenville Texas – the guy who wrote that book (Communion – a true story) about his experiences with unexplained phenomena – and possible alien abduction in the same area?? Spooky!

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