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  1. This guys an IDIOT! He knows nothing about physics or science. How did he earm a degree? Race card

  2. Watch a donald trump clone come from a ufo and everyone will worship him 😂😂😂

  3. Ah yes, the token intellectual always has to be brought in for stories like this. Also known as the Wiki Physicist because he literally goes on to wikipedia reads about a subject then regurgitates it onto twitter like it is his own knowledge. NGT is not dumb but he sure aint really smart either.

  4. The fact that Tyson doesn't believe that it is possible tells me all I need to know about his intelligence. I always knew he wasn't very bright.

  5. I love how Neil gave his opinion , and people are butthurt about it because he didn't say what they wanted to hear 😆

  6. Listening to Neil debunk alien craft over the years is almost laughable. He uses the same stale excuses year after year regardless of the claim. Regarding UAP, he is close minded and lacks any imagination. He talks like every one is a child and he is the only thinking adult in the room. The older he gets, the smarter he thinks he is.

  7. The DNI report on so-called UAPs (a made-up psy ops name created to obfuscate the truth…) is, as predicted ,the usual US government cover-up, but with a twist. Since the mid-1940s, the US government (and others) have simply denied the significance of the subject. Via Project Blue Book, the Condon report and other operations staged to give the appearance of a real investigation, the government has simply denied the matter is “real” or of significance. This time, in UFO Cover-up 2.0, the DNI report calls for further “study” . Doubtlessly, this will be staged and a dog and pony show like the 1960s Condon “Report” during which professor Condon of the University of Colorado, was on the payroll of the CIA- and we have documents proving this.

    But this time, the so-called further investigations are beginning with one true premise and three huge lies:

    The true premise is that the UFOs are real, and not simply misperceptions of other known craft or phenomenon .

    And the 3 Big Lies:

    First: that we do not know what the UFOs are. But we do. A cursory investigation of existing evidence, testimony and so forth proves what Lockheed Skunkworks director Ben Rich concluded in 1986: That there are 2 types of UFOs “ours” , or manmade antigravity propulsion vehicles , and Extraterrestrial. Case closed.

    Second: That the US does not have any aircraft or technologies that can perform in the manner the UAPs do. This is simply a cover-up of the fact that since the mid-1950s Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) have had exactly such operational classified craft. These craft have been used in clandestine operations for 60 years, including the criminal staging of “alien” kidnappings and torture, also known as “alien abductions”. Such false flag operations have been confirmed by intelligence officials and by a 1980s CIA document (see The Cosmic Hoax, to be released soon). Additionally, the energy and propulsion technologies behind such man made UFOs, once disclosed, would lead to the end of oil , gas, coal, nuclear power and other current energy systems and begin a New Energy economy. While this would be the salvation of the earth and perhaps the long term prospects of humanity, this would spell the end of the corrupt global elites and oligarchs who currently run the planet.

    Finally, such a truthful disclosure would also expose the means whereby these same USAP-connected oligarchs could continue to hoax, and eventually convince the vulnerable general public of “an Alien Threat”. This hoax, which began in the 1950s, has been part of a long-term covert military strategy to unite the world, not in peace, but around a militaristic response to this hoaxed alien threat.

    Which leads us to the third Big Lie: That the UAPs are a threat to “national security” . What rubbish! If the ET threat was real, we would have known about it the day the first atomic bomb was detonated. As first CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter stated in a letter, the SECRECY surrounding UFOs is a threat to national security – NOT the UFOs- except for the man made ones that are being used in false flag operations, deceiving even our top military officials. This Big Lie is central to the long term military strategy : Convince the world that we must be united , again not in peace and real unity, but against an external threat. The result: a global totalitarian super-state that unites the world against the “alien threat”, just as Werner Von Braun warned.

    It must be remembered that those who authored the DNI report may be completely unaware of any of this. How? The nature of USAPs is that only those read into the project know of its very existence. I have personally briefed world-leaders, Ministers of Defense, a CIA director, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff (J2), among others- ALL of whom had been explicitly denied access to these USAPs – if not directly threatened for even inquiring.

    Therefore, the current DNI may or may not have actionable intelligence or even effective access to these USAPs. Certainly, few members of Congress do- and the ones that do have agreed to the illegal nature of the USAP system. Now THIS is a national security threat, as the first CIA Director stated. The extreme secrecy and runaway nature of USAPs, which President Eisenhower warned us about, is the actual threat to national security- and to world peace.

    We must all unite to encourage our representatives and leaders in every country of the earth to avail themselves of the evidence and research of the Disclosure Project. Write them today! And we need more brave whistleblowers to step forward with detailed information about these illegal operations immediately. If you are such a person please contact us at SiriusDisclosure.com .

    It is time for universal peace, not endless war. It is time for a new world of clean, boundless energy and justice for all. It is time to permanently approve the treaty to ban all weapons from space- and preserve space for peace forever. This is our call to action- not the cul de sac of another staged fake government study with pre- determined conclusions designed to advance the criminal agenda of the secret-keepers.

    It is time for change, real progress and a new world in which the future of humanity is directed by peace and not endless war and lies.

    Steven M. Greer MD


    The Global Disclosure Project

    27 June 2021

    Washington DC


  8. deGrasse nailed it. "We don't know what it is" is the most elementary and valuable statement in science. I totally agree with Neil's argument. All the rest is just speculation, like saying that the Abrahamic God exist. People believe it just because they need to believe it, as per faith. People saying that it must be "aliens" just have the some inner need to believe in it.

  9. So Pentagon budget is 220 billion…it's 3 times tat…his maths doesn't check out.. then wat was he calculating looking up… Freakin media joker

  10. Degrasse is a front man for the establishment . I’ve watched him in open debate on and he’s really is an amateur scientist compared to the likes of Michio Kanu. He believes is quantum entanglement but dismisses any thoughts of aliens as poppycock . This is a very odd way of looking at reality . …

    It’s aliens and we are too .

  11. Neil Tyson is ignorant and very naive. He has not logical thinking the government and it’s officials have clearer stated what this is Luis Elizondo clearly stated that there is more videos they have not declassified this dude has to be the the smartest dumbest person I have seen give his interpretation. Before he was like no the radars are glitchy and these videos are not good and now he’s like we don’t know everyone else sees the truth and Luis Elizondo clearly answered what it is

  12. I think it is a ufo but if you truly believe it is a alien you have to be an idiot and not understand anything about psychics or how the universe works.

  13. I'm pretty disappointed. I can't believe someone like Neil would say this bullshit. And even less to believe the crap he's spitting.

  14. this guy needs to be checked big time!!!!! hes a lame human. )))))))))))))))) p u s s y just wait and see what happens. when it does, will be at your door step!

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