New Poll Shows what Americans REALLY Think about Aliens & UFOs

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Miriam Kramer from Axios reports, Fifty-one percent of Americans believe UFOs reported by military personnel are likely evidence of intelligent alien life, according to a new poll released by Pew last week.

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25 Comments on “New Poll Shows what Americans REALLY Think about Aliens & UFOs”

  1. Well if there is alien life out there I'm sure their setting back and laughing at how dumb their cousins are acting in Washington. Cause they definitely ain't human.They need to beam them up.

  2. I said all my life when it's c lose to the Rapture everyone will be talking about aliens 👽 so that when Christians disappear that's what they will say took us. Lol.

  3. I'm loving all these cracks against Biden they're absolutely hilarious. Seriously though many people think we would be arrogant to think there are no beings on other planets equal to us in the sense of not being microbes and little things like that. Others say that if there were the Bible would say so. One's not as developed and of course those far more developed technologically are the ones I'm considering equal because in a sense their people. There's a lot of information out there that completely makes people believe there are others. So many things that are unexplainable. At the same time you have to toss in a lot of conjecture and they say it's just logical reasoning when it's just simple guessing and making a sense of reasoning fit the narrative. I'm mixed on the topic regarding what I believe. But I agree with a lot of the others if there is no intelligent life in the White House.

  4. Aliens are demons. Just wait till Christians have been raptured and our wonderful media/government will say those Christians were all taken by aliens. They were unfit, noncooperative and did not belong here.

  5. Now, what's the worldwide opinion? Interesting to know Russia's, China's, North Korea and the Arab nations stance.

  6. Wow the comments here make me feel relieved that people aren’t falling for the great deception and realize their is only evil in the wild with this!


  8. There's only one explanation for people who believe In aliens and UFOs either they're high or just downright stupid just like dementia joe. Then again I take that back because, dementia joe is an alien because he's so incompetent and incoherent whenever he opens his mouth to talk he's speaking in some kind of alien language so, yeah aliens do exist because dementia joe is one himself 😂😂😂😂

  9. I think God made more beings around the whole universe. Gods is bigger than we think and his love goes beyond just us. There are many worlds. But life in the current White House is not an intelligent life form.

  10. Why would they bother with this shitshow on earth……our military are liars just like our politicians….Just ask Milley and maybe he will crush them because they are green with anger management and their dicks are bigger than his.

  11. The Vorlons land in DC, take us to your leader, what? THIS is your leader, we're a million years more advanced that you are, do you take us for fools? C'mon man!

  12. Yes They are real, they have been around for thousands maybe millions of years. Our military has been working with them on new technologies for decades since the 1940s. Our military has it's own advanced spacecraft so what people have been seeing in the last 40yrs could be ours. And yes we have space based weapons.

  13. When I think of Alien life, my mind first and foremost visualizes the Chicago lightfoot being, then BIDEN, Pelosi, ACO, OMAR, and the rest of those evil aliens in Washington. Then it might switch to the border and Kameltoe…

  14. UFO's…Yes. Aliens…NO!!…not possible. UFO's are simply experimental aircraft, or environmental conditions producing unusual effects. Aliens don't exist, they are just another lie of the Godless. Nothing gets out or in of the firmament.

  15. No demoncrat believes there is any intelligent life more intelligent than they are. They are superiority racists with no equal on earth or heaven or hell.

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