New US Intelligence Report 'Cannot Explain' 120 UFO Sightings

A new US intelligence report on UFO sightings is expected to be released to Congress in June. But the document will leave many questions unanswered, according to officials.

Two officials briefed on the report said it found no proof of an extraterrestrial link and does not rule out that what pilots have seen might be new technologies developed by other countries. One of the officials said there is no indication that the unexplained phenomena are from secret US technology programs.

The expected public release of an unclassified version of the report this month will amount to a status report, not the final word, according to one official.

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29 Comments on “New US Intelligence Report 'Cannot Explain' 120 UFO Sightings”

  1. I never undrstood why they use shitiest camera for film any alian footage or pics🤔🤔

  2. Building us up for the fake alien invasion. The world will be 'so scared' we'll need a world government to save us from those 'evil aliens'

    Wakey wakey people

  3. They disappear when you call out to the Lord Jesus to help you, over 400 documented cases. Read 'Alien Intrusion' by Gary Bates.


  5. I see just one problem….why they(military) have no day light camera
    pictures and videos of those crafts? Is not that strange if you
    realize, that military is capable of taking a day light picture of a dog
    from satelite a the same military still has showed no pictures and no
    videos of those crafts on day light cameras? It makes no sence to
    me….(either they have it, or it must be just fake news)

  6. They can't explain it and are trying to say could be something to do with "our enemies "typical language of human beings when there is something that they can't understand or work out

  7. So you mean to tell me all the conspiracy theories was right the whole time who knew 🧐🤔

  8. They say it's not US tech, but then they file 3 patent applications for inertial mass reduction craft, gravity wave generation and room temperature super conductor devices? Huh?

  9. US military aren't going to admit that they have been testing hypersonic drones are they. So they'll happily go along with the UFO sightings.

  10. My UFO… Incredible video with multi 90* turns reported to the the local News, Sheriff, UFO Center and MUFON with zero follow up by any.

  11. So aliens only visit the US then? This is why these pictures mean nothing! If they were pictures from around the world from different militaries then there could be something here but it's evident that this is complete bull. It's most likely something on the camera lens of their 90's cameras

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