New York Times publishes UFO fake news

The truth is out there, just not in that article.

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32 Comments on “New York Times publishes UFO fake news”

  1. Why people complain about the intro ? … I think it’s cool and she is a beautiful lady … I like these short news

  2. It is a bit hard to swallow that spacecraft capable of getting to Earth would crash without being shot down.

  3. So in a rush to get a scoop, the once venerable New York Times comes off sounding like a supermarket tabloid.

  4. Omfg these people can’t even conspiracy theory correctly, the pentagon is actually releasing stuff through the freedom of information act, there is somewhat of a little war going on in our government to get these ufo files released. And then after all that you go and say it’s fake?

  5. According to the journalists Kean and Blumenthal, Reid told them that but was obviously forced to change it to not get into trouble after it had been published. There is a 1h interview in YT of both journalists talking about that article. Now, who is propagating Fake-news at the end? 😉

  6. They corrected Reid’s comment but they didn’t change the defense contractor’s claim that they are already in possession of an off world craft. That part was not redacted.

  7. UFOs are real. I believe our jet pilots like Colonel Fraber, and I believe Bob Lazaar, along with the thousands of other witnesses. There are just too many sightings, too much evidence now to dismiss this reality.

  8. Ah, and she used that old trope 'little green men'. Now that's dealing with the topic maturely!

  9. I may double post. There are individuals with non-disclosure agreements with the US government confirming such crashes have happened. The authors of the article in the New York Times stand by what Harry Reid told them. They made notes when they interviewed him. LUIS Elizondo and others with TTSA are behind what led to President Trump and members of congress and others getting Top Secret briefings on UFO/UAP pilot encounter with vehicles with antigravity and other capabilities. The craft operate beyond normal physics. Members of congress have a bill requiring the Pentagon to disclose what they can to the American people. Luis Elizondo headed the AATIP program and on Fox News said such craft were not US craft. And if such craft are not Russian, or Chinese either then we are running out of human options for who built them. Admiral Wilson was told in private notes that the craft were not made by human hands. Richard Dolan has defended the authenticity of these leaked notes.

  10. The explanation that such craft might be man-made is thrown out to save face with so many skeptics out there. At this point I can say is someone at the Pentagon knows who did not make the craft. Crash retrievals have happed and are not fake news.

  11. Well the only problem is the pentagon has released several radar video, and several top gun navy pilots have gone on record about these crafts

  12. Anyway no one believes on this mainstream media (deep state). Why would believe them even now on this statement!!! They have been lying to us with fake news for decades. Deep State its EVIL corrupt, thirsty for blood.

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