NEW YORK TIMES Reports! Intelligence CANNOT Explain UFO Phenomenon (Early Access to UFO Report)

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20 Comments on “NEW YORK TIMES Reports! Intelligence CANNOT Explain UFO Phenomenon (Early Access to UFO Report)”

  1. Except that the UAP/UFO phenomena has been seen all over the world including Russia & China. China had their airport in Hong Kong shut down twice for hours because of UFO'S hovering & flying over it.

  2. And people expected different…smh..they will never tell us and if they do say something they will just take all the credit

  3. Total intelligence failure! We need to step up the fight for UAP disclouser and not toterate an incompetent agency

  4. The answer is in the report. The one thing they are sure of it that it is not technology possessed by the us government. That means they are trying to hide what technology the us government has.

  5. Weather balloons. What else would we expect? Nothing but Bozos in the intelligence department. If aliens landed on the deck of a US carrier the Navy brass would still claim there was no proof unless they sunk the damn ship.

  6. The US government is full of crp as always .They know very well that these craft aren't from our world and that they're definitely not Russian or Chinese .

  7. The New York Times is in no position to talk about Intelligence in any context whatsoever. Sorry, UFO community. Better luck next time.

  8. If it was a foreign power using secret technology the government would have released statements explaining that they know this. To disrupt the foreign powers covert programs. Think 1980's Star Wars missile defense systems. If it was an Alien race with advanced technology then why would they need to be so close? They would have advanced vision and surveillance systems to observe from very far away. Think current military reconnaissance technology. Both overt and black budget. If it's a propaganda campaign then it should by all definitions follow the same levels of current media technology. Think old school photography and new school video editing platforms and plugins. If they are living creatures then where are the deceased ones. If it's a parallel civilization on earth then surely by now over the thousands of years they would have made themselves known. And if it's as ubiquitous as we've all been told for so long now by the governments of the world then what's the point of keeping humanity in the dark. Two heads are better than one remember. There's been far too much fakery in the subject of Ufology over the years for any of us who follow the same to take any information as gospel. Great video.

  9. There are no aliens.
    Andromeda is the nearest galaxy to ours and it's 250,000,000 light years from my front porch. It would take 3,500,000 generations@70yrs to reach here from there or visa versa.
    There are no aliens.

  10. Anyone else realize its all bs and just a way to justify space force? Are we all that stupid. Humans have lived here how long? Still here! Aliens not so much! Wake ☝

  11. Most of the footage appears to be regular craft (the triangles in the green images have earthly lights on them. The black circles are just shot in heat seeking mode, and are likly shaped like a jet.) The tiny white tic tac however is moving very fast. Could it be ball lightning formed in a volcanic eruption? Plasma? The submersible craft i have no idea about but could be another countries military testing of a craft? As its speed deosnt seem otherworldly at all? What do you guys think about this one anyways? Lol

  12. The video was great, BUT I have no idea what you are saying. Put in subtitles or computer voice over.

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