NEWS ABOUT UFOs, UFO videos urgently watch the moon and the sun!

What do we know about UFOs? Not much, if not nothing at all. From the testimony of witnesses, unidentified flying objects most often have the shape of a disk, less often-cigars. They have the ability to instantly move, hover, and disappear. Many cases of their flight at low altitudes and the bright glow of the hull have been recorded. At the same time, no scientist or ufologist is ready to say that UFOs are of purely extraterrestrial origin. On the other hand, all flying objects that have ever been created by human hands-a balloon, an airship, an airplane, a helicopter – have nothing in common with flying disks.
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видео все сделаны на программе (adobe effects) и не несут за реальности,за исключение!все видео авторское право, канал создан для развлечение .
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  2. 3 5 2021 un aussi bel ovni cherchant fortune pour la gloire de dieu ! c est divin sur cette spirale ! N est ce pas ovni!

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