NEWS: PIA Pilots Spot UFO in Karachi [Video] | Almas Jacob | #geonews

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NEWS: PIA Pilots Spot UFO in Karachi [Video] | Almas Jacob
NEWS: PIA Pilots Spot UFO in Karachi [Video] | Almas Jacob
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45 Comments on “NEWS: PIA Pilots Spot UFO in Karachi [Video] | Almas Jacob | #geonews”

  1. It is common in my village in Natore in bd……there many people in many times saw some round shape lights was blinking one by another on a tree …..some saw one light is going another direction etc………they told me that is Jinn .and maybe they were playing .So it's common thing…… But in some country is simple SE thing ko keya keya Bana detahe alien kehkar 😅😅😅

  2. salam,keya roohani chez ya paresty ya jin ko camery k zaraye sy deka jaa sakta hy?ya un sy picture leya ja sakta hy…!!!!

  3. Almas bhai ek baar maine ajeeb si chiz dekhi thi Aasmaan m ,uska shape V type tha or bahot badi thi vo chiz,or usme dhirey dhirey lights jal bujh rahi thi bahot saari

  4. Almas Jacob Can you Prove this that It was Satan or Angle, you have No any prove so you can't identify that what it was that's why No One Can't Believe 100% in Conspiracies theories that who you Define at your Channel because You don't have Any Authentic prove or Argument. The solution and reason of everything can not be taken from your Holy books. That's it.

  5. By the way spaceship black mei hoti hai white nae . Ye star bhe hotay hain din k time meine bht bht dafa din ko star dekhey hain.

  6. Bhai jakma wor alone maskh ka chaina me aapas me jo batchit huaa tha us ke bare me video banaiye please don't miss my massage

  7. پنجہِ ظلم و جہالت نے برا حال کیا..
    بن کے ِمقراض ہمیں بے پرو بے حال کیا..
    توڑ اس دست ستم کیش کو یا رب جس نے…
    روحِ آزادی کشمیر کو پامال کیا…!!!

  8. yes UFO's are Satan's angels, and like new age movement they want to manipulate our mind that at end time people will be removed from earth by aliens but in reality they taken in Heaven by Jesus according to bible , If You think so ,read the History. For example book has investigated 300 records of witnesses that when they say Jesus Name that so called aliens ran away (Unholy communion by David Ruffino and Joseph Jordan)

  9. 😂🤣😂 satellite ka color white nhi ho sakta , uska solar panal black color hota hai ,aur sattelite ko uss height pe udne ke liye use thrust chahiye ,ye vaha reh nhi sakta

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