News Report on UFO Fema Manual 'Chapter 13'

Abc news report about Fema manual with Ufo chapter to prepare firefighters for a panic situation in case of a ufo sighting or attack

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39 Comments on “News Report on UFO Fema Manual 'Chapter 13'”

  1. @clinttidan control is profitable if ur controlling it……but how does 13 help contool nyone or nything…and how does belief in the existance of ufo do the same?

  2. @vborg101 i answered your question as best as i could in 500 characters. If you are really interested in this subject i would advise you to do your own research and then come to your own conclusions I can only open the door its up to you if you want to walk through it Peace and Love

  3. @RageAgainstNWO Can you just see it Obama engaging in the theater MSM reporting it and saying people the world over are terrified, youtubers laughing their heads off and protesters with posters saying "Don't Give Them our Money " and " ET take Obama home "

  4. @JefferyGrounds Oh not again… ! The Bible is in itself delusional and religion an illusion so nothing to worry about. .

  5. @Misstorys Fire fighters are being prepped for alien invasions…..if they do make false flag attacks, well at least they'll have some form of responce teams. It wouldn't be surprising to find out they are training cops, and even other groups on what to do incase this happens. Hospitals will probably be getting notifications soon on how to deal with laser burns lol

  6. @babymalai This firefighter manual was wriiten by ex firefighters and they thought it nes. to put such a chapter in . has nothing to do with NWO or preparing for the masses its only for firefighters to handle the panic . Listen to what is said… ! Dont become paranoid over a manual wich you could hear was barrely used..

  7. @EvesUnderground Hm comments here are not placed by smart people I presume.. only a tiny ''ufo'' chapter nothing to do with blue beam or haarp.. wake up… and by the way Haarp has nothing to do with bluebeam..

  8. Not convinced at all shows the level of your stupidity. There are infinite Galaxies and the Milky Way is just 1 of them. You honestly believe we are the only inhabitant out of all of space and all of those planets which exist in different galaxies? Idiot

  9. @TrueGreatness73 Hm I am sorry . since I am the uploader. Who are you talking to in I quote ''Not convinced at all shows the level of your stupidity.'' ? Who is your idiot ? Not me cause there is cert. live out there and they have been already here since ages and everybody knows what happened at Roswell except for the nay sayers and the skeptics and the debunkers and ignorant , .. and what about all those pics, video, documents , pilot cases, press club conferences, UFO and nuke bases, ?

  10. This is to prepare us for them using them as an excuse to bring in martial law. for the last forty years they've been denying their existence, why now? Very convenient indeed. If people fall for this then they are crazy indoctrinated sheep. If they wanted to harm us they'd have done it already.

  11. This is to prepare us for them using them as an excuse to bring in martial law. for the last forty years they've been denying their existence, why now? Very convenient indeed. If people fall for this then they are crazy indoctrinated sheep. If they wanted to harm us they'd have done it already. Many may not become paranoid over such things, but many do, and fall once again for their lies.

  12. What part of ''This manual ufo chapter has nothing to do with false flag invasion or conditioning'' do you all paranoid commentators not understand ? By the way this is an old manual from years ago was mentioned earlier back than..

  13. I am always amazed @ the absolute arrogance of the people that believe that human beings are the only intelligent life form in all of space. If I was an alien I'd stop by for a peek & then stay the hell away too. What a mess we have made of our world. We can't even comprehend that this life is NOT about what we have or who has bigger guns.Blessings to all.

  14. i'm sure we're being visited by ET's and i have done extensive research on the subject, but i also served as a firefighter in the US Air Force as well as in a city dept ,and i completed all the fema mandated training…i can tell you that this story is blown WAY out of proportion…i had never heard of this as a fire fighter, only in researching ufo's…this is not covered by any fire training i attended, i assume it's there as a last resort as the IC would be standing there shaking his head

  15. I love this report thanks for sharing. All of our armed forces, police, fire brigade, coast guard etc etc should be trained for any eventuality in my opinion and anybody who believes that this isn't a possible eventuality needs their head looking at. If on the other hand ET comes here all guns blazing (which I do not believe he will) we're fucked! Even the mighty Raptor is small fry compared to a Foo fighter.

  16. @mustanglead Yep your right. and since there were several crashes in the past beginning with Roswell and probl. highly likely 1 or 2 before Roswell the fema or fire brigade could use it. Personaly I think that when a crash happens the crash retrieval team are standing by and cordon the field of with sentrys you see like what happened in Roswell. see book of Corso's The day after Roswell..''

  17. @TrueGreatness73 Well, not quite infinite mate, maybe nearly a trillion galaxies and each with a trillion stars which may mean atleast a trillion possibilities. But for sure we are not alone not even in our galaxy or our own solar system and your point is valid.

  18. @mustanglead Trillion or infinite, no one knows. We do know its ever lasting. For anyone to think earth is the only place with living creatures then that shows a lot about that person.

  19. @TrueGreatness73 For sure it does say a lot.. But we do know that the universe is not ever lasting or infinite. It is expanding at the speed of light into what could be infinity.

  20. @mustanglead In case they want to invade us ,we have no chance at all,,, armed forces, police etcetc what?If there is an advanced civilization ,we are like ants 4 them. However I dont believe we are about to face a hollywood style invasion. The truth is far from our comprehension. I´ve seen UFO´s that is why I know there is something going on. We most start to think in other dimensions.

  21. @mustanglead Expanding at the speed of light in my books is infinite but yeah we have the same idea

  22. Life exists out there in the universe its endless! It don't matter what the government says, religion, or skeptics, etc. End of story!

  23. over a year ago I know but I love to see if you say this when something happens pretty soon.

  24. That closing statement could easily be misunderstood. But I think the point was that if a FEMA agent was face to face with an encounter, he has a much better chance of staying alive if he's not in a panic. Of course they didn't want to word it exactly that way.

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