Newsmaker Sunday: International UFO Congress

FOX 10’s John Hook talks to Jeremy Corbell and Ryan Sprague of the International UFO Congress.

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28 Comments on “Newsmaker Sunday: International UFO Congress”

  1. Lmao really ? Of coarse other life Is out their lol. No I don't think they have been hear in our life time. Get a grip. Typical Americans lol of coarse it ONLY seems to happen in America 😂😂 honestly piss off

  2. This subject is irrelevant now. We're killing the planet, and being ruled over by paedophiles and pyschopaths. No outside civilisation is gonna help with this.

  3. But the reporter doesn't believe we are being observed? ….which is why they won't reveal themselves… Humans are retarded.

  4. About 14 years ago a couple friends and I were camping at bonds falls on bonds flowage lake. It was around midnight or so we were sitting around a camp fire about 10-15 ft from the lake, talking about how crazy and beautifuly perfect life is. Then suddenly this big ball of light (the size of a large car) come shooting out of the sky at a 45° angle landing on the lake like a skipped rock, this thing bounces on the water 4-5 times before it submerged under the water. At this time we are all looking at each other in shock, my buddy yells out "WTF WAS THAT" . Not even 30 seconds later this thing comes shooting straight out of the water like a rocket, soon fading away into sky within seconds. This thing never made a sound, it was so quiet out there you could hear a cricket fart 100 yards away! To this day we have never been able to figure out what this was.

  5. your government has always lied to your people, just look at what happens when you talk about it ,,,, Snowden is a prime example ,,, why would Lazar's records be erased? come one guys the writting is on the wall

  6. 1.5 million hits for a news special and people want to say people are not concerned and there's nothing to see here? Come on……

  7. I think there’s human explanation for the pheonix lights event, they probably are not flares though

  8. Everyone has a phone to record videos these days but still no proof?, UFO seems to only visit certain areas why? Its all a govt made up drama to distract or fool people.

  9. They are Fallen Angels, kicked out of heaven by God. These Fallen Angels are who that give the NWO their marching orders. Agents of Satan.

  10. 11:00. "I don't think the government knows what they're dealing with."

    C'mon, are you serious? The government knows very well what it is. They've been researching ufo since 1947. OFFICIALLY!!

  11. "People don't believe UFO's exist…"
    Ok, do these people assume that UFO means alien craft? The US Navy releases aircraft video of unidentified craft while on trials. Can we all agree that UFO's exist.
    What they are is another question.

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