No aliens, 2 arrested at 'Storm Area 51' event

Nearly 3,000 people flooded into Nevada after a call on Facebook to storm Area 51; about 200 made it to the main gate. CNN’s Christi Paul and Victor Blackwell discuss with retired NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao. #CNN #News


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  1. Well. Aliens might be true, because there's a chance that there's a habitable planet that has a living organism on it. And there's a little chance that the planet is rich of materials specially the minerals that can be use make more advanced technology, And i forgot to mention that the "aliens" can have a special trait because the planet might have enough or more nutrients that the "aliens" need to be more active, strong, intelligent, and productive.

    Note: Many scientists have theories of this kind of theory I made in this comment section.

    I hope you all understand why the government made Area 51 top secret. The reason ( in my pov. ), the government has to do more research and making sure of the 'unidentified flying object' and discover it.

  2. Honestly if all people stood arm to arm and stormed there is zero they could do to stop it!!!also we could just fire all we put in power and rehire the ones that would finally tell the truth!!!!!

  3. 4:17 is important piece of information – he basically revealed they worked on high-altitude pulse jet engines. Neither U-2 or SR-71 as the only two known high altitude airplanes of that time used such an engine. People need to understand this, there is no aliens in Area 51 – it's all man-made. However, stuff over there is way more advanced than stuff we have access to. They have hypersonic and anti-gravity technology over there, no question about it.

  4. anyone here b/c of david frevor on rogan?………….the show stated it was 3k people here btw, theyre tryin to dummy it down, these space mutants r comin4 ya'll………….hehe

  5. “It’s probably some secret aircraft” are you kidding me? That thing did things human aircraft won’t be able to do for 100 more years. Get the fuck out of here bro, just because you’ve been to space, doesn’t make you an expert on whether aliens exist. What a joke

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