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  1. The Westall 1966 incident is much more interesting. UFOs were seen by students and teachers and one even landed in the bushes behind the school and was seen at close range. Police and Military arrived at the scene. Media has so far NOT put pressure on the government to tell what happened that day. Teachers and students were told to NOT talk about the incident. https://youtu.be/sPHVvg-dXOs

  2. Airborne clutter………………yeahhhhhh……
    ……….o and other……………….


  3. They would have destroyed or conquered us by now if they wanted I dout there a threat unless the government makes them a threat personally I think the fbi is a threat .

  4. I certainly didn't expect any real information from this or any other government for that matter, all these military people still use the need to know policy and you can bet they dont think we need to know, and this is all your ever going to get from them, the only way your going to find out anything more is it the so called aliens tell you and that might happen soon.

  5. HA… Didn't need no pentagon report to tell what is already known or not know, hell I could have told that LMAO… what's really important is what the hell went on while the planet was distracted by this nonsense? That's the real questions that everyone should be asking. A planet full of morons, now you know why they don't land uptown and get out, I wouldn't if I were one. I live here and have no desire for the human species

  6. It's time to advance in who we are. They are observing our planet. Waiting for us to follow.

  7. Crazy? Or heck they could have been here way before us, or they may have some more, earthy blends to them which makes them more super natural, and more intelligent than us. Just because they know how the whole ego system works. I think they really need to step in and set the record straight, with some of the so called leaders of the world. Perhaps no nukes should be first, and foremost.

  8. It aliens period and there nothing no one can do period what USA think they gonna do nothing but takes pictures and videos 😂😂

  9. Got it…you donot have any explanation…what next ? are you going to dig deep and bring to public what exactly they are……

  10. Basically all we got from this report:
    We don’t know what it is🤷🏾‍♂️
    Could be China or Russia
    Could be aliens
    Our military pilots said they saw stuff
    We still don’t know

  11. If there was truly a threat the world governments would not be in the state of control they are now. We would collectively unify overnight at the possibility of alien life, this is propaganda and distraction.

  12. My father and i used our binoculars in order to see a UFO during the day a month ago, we saw something like that just flying around

  13. The Holy Spirit told me 20 years ago that just prior to when Satan thinks the Rapture is about to take place he would use his greatest deception against the human race, the Alien deception.

    Satan has been planting the Alien deception into the minds of the human race since the beginning.

    Many who claim to be believers in Jesus Christ will quickly fall away when they begin to present their full discloser evidence of Aliens and Alien technology.

    Satan and the Fallen Angel's are the Aliens to the human race. The Fallen Angel's began invading the human race in the garden of Eden.

    They began to taint the bloodline which is recorded in Genesis chapter 6 when Fallen Angel's began to sleep with humans.

    Now through new technology they are tainting the bloodline of the human race through a shot and nanotechnology.

    Just like in the days of Noah we are still in a war for the existence of the human race against Fallen Angel's.

    In the time of Noah only 8 humans survived the battle.

    After Noah Satan went after the extinction of the human race once again except this time Jesus stepped in and gave himself as the human sacrifice spilling his Royal blood for all who would receive.

    Now here in 2021 at the time of the Rapture happening Satan and the Fallen Angel's want to keep as many as they can here on earth during the time of great Tribulation.

    Satan knows his time is running out on planet earth and the human race.

    Deception and grand allusions is Satans greatest weapons and he's about to pull out all his biggest guns.

    Jesus said many times to us, his disciples, don't be deceived…. … .. . . .. .,

  14. Finally some reporters that don't giggle and make x files jokes. Could be the biggest story ever. With lots of facts to back these things up. I would like to see a journalist go to work and do real serious journalism.

  15. Why should we care what the military or government won’t tell us. Just support MUFON and get more involved if you want to know more. There is no reason anyone should waiting around for the military or government to educate us in this matter. Their approval is only as relevant as we make it. Come on people.

  16. When the aliens have taken over all governments down to the local level and they are cleaning out the vermin,(us), you would hardly expect them to admit it.

  17. 0:29 why is she blinking a lot to talk is she an alien ?? she made lots of noise very fast and its not means anything too

  18. The report said there were 143 unexplained sightings…..INCORRECT ! What about my sightings which i did not report because i was sure it would be a waste of time along with many thousands of others .I along with others predicted the results of this report from day 1. The elite have and will always keep secrets from the people in part because they believe they are above ordinary people ,we see it all the time from politicians when they tell us do as they say not as they do.

  19. The UFO they are real They are beyond our technology And I'll say this I've seen them for a lot of years and the thing is in the blink of a eye they can move 15 miles away to over a 100 miles away Traveling speed of light

  20. At least that declassified report admits that most of the "UAP's" being detected are REAL objects and not the product of hoaxes or hallucinations. Fine, that's a major step in the right direction. But, then, after the big build up for the last few months, we find out that the report's conclusions about these UAP's are, basically, "inconclusive" because they don't have enough detailed information about them! What a total let down.

    What they dared not include in that waste of taxpayer money report is that there ARE currently ultra top secret, "deep state" research groups in the world's current three major powers (that's China, Russia, and the US) which DO have the detailed information needed to FULLY identify the nature of the UAP's. Even the personnel working in the various government agencies that prepared this over-hyped report don't even know that those top secret groups even exist! So, technically, they are not lying when they say they don't have enough detailed information about the UAP's. Their ignorance has been maintained by design.

    Meanwhile, here is a short video that will give you some answers as to the REAL nature of the UAP's or, as I prefer to call them, the ET UFO's which stands for "extraterrestrial unidentified flying objects" that are air and spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin being operated by extraterrestrial beings from other star systems. In this video you will see CLEAR images of genuine ET UFOs with your own eyes and not just the blurry FLIR camera and radar screen images that the recently released declassified report was based on.


  21. Why are people relying on the american goverment for the truth? We already know the truth, just look at the landing cases in Zimbabwe and Melbourne Australia infront of 200+ people, theres the truth case closed


  23. what a shock. the one object that has a photo of it can be explained.

    our F-22 has too many cameras to take a photo of one of these Fuckers!!?

  24. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

  25. You know, I try to be cynical, too, everybody posting here, and I know how freaking trendy it is to have a juicy conspiracy to chew on, but isn't it within the realm of possibility that The Gub'mit just doesn't know WTF it is?

  26. And national securty said…

    .. Phenomenon doo-doo d-doo-duh
    Phenomenon doo-doo doo-doo
    Phenomenon doo-doo d-doo-duh d-doo-duh d-doo-duh duh-doo-duh doo-duh-dah dah-doo-dah doo-dah doo-doo-doo-dah-doo…

    Phenomenom (ad infinitum)

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