5 Comments on “North Yorkshire, England, UK UFO proof in the news”

  1. Probably the worst media commentator they could get it.

    You have to be ready for those set questions they bring up – it's always the same.

  2. They're not aliens like the world percieves aliens to be. The same thing is happening in Moravian Falls, N.C. USA. Locals are having personal encounters just like the residents in Yorkshire, but not many go public about it.

  3. Nice, but why still thinking that distance must be crossed?, if there're many dimensions distance is not an obstacle, and when UFOs appeared and then disappeared they are crossing dimensions. Energy is the substance of the Universe, and this "Objects" (UFOs) are not Objects but energy that can materialized and then go back to be energy again.

    Sorry about my english. Greetings from Venezuela (They are here also, and is beautiful what they are)

  4. Too true about folk and shit 'journalists' and smug newsreaders assuming they come from space. The ufo/entity phenomenon is too complex for them to even begin to grasp.

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