Northrop Grumman "Firebird" and Rocket Test at Mojave Spaceport

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UFO Seekers caught a rocket test on video at the Mojave Air & Space Port. We also just happened to catch the Northrop Grumman Firebird, a new experimental intelligence gathering air system, or surveillance airplane.

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37 Comments on “Northrop Grumman "Firebird" and Rocket Test at Mojave Spaceport”

  1. creepy. planes like those that fly over american airspace should be illegal

    i hope they dont give you guys a hard time when you’re monitoring them, considering many military aircraft are designed to monitor us. it should be a fair tradeoff

  2. Hey maybe that was the engine test for the next generation of fighter jet!! Kidding….great job guys as always.!!

  3. Awesome video once again! I honestly think they have technology like the UFO craft we see and are already surveilling us all simultaneously around the world no matter where you are above ground.

  4. love your videos..all I could think about while watching this short clip was "Something wicked this way comes…." eerie…

  5. The aircraft can fly for long periods partly thanks to the weight savings of not needing missile warning or ECCM when you are overwatching and surveilling defenseless citizens of your own country. Governments tend to get more suspicious and secretive when they have something truly awful to hide. But I'm sure these surveillance programs are for climate change, and to protect 'the children'. You don't hate the earth or children, you ?

  6. Totally awesome UFO Seekers not something Joe Public gets to see excellent job all the best from South Wales United Kingdom

  7. They should just do away with the pilot cockpit with such a high loitering capability and have more room for electronic countermeasures and sensing systems. When looking at this, I get the feeling this is for internal domestic surveillance and not military use. It will probably be flown by contractors and registered as a civilian aircraft with evergreen or something and seen parked at your local smaller airports.

  8. See the wing span, it gives it great loitering ability on less fuel, definitely designed for population center surveillance because out in a battle field environment it wouldn't last more then 10 minutes.

  9. Great video Awsome cause you guys are getting closer Intel. I see in your videos better and better but that's more war equipment

  10. I hope I win the lottery one day so i can fund you. Money won't get results but I love that you love what I love. You're doing what you love. That's what I preach to my 18 year old son. And I hope you would have me for a ride along. Fly a drone into area 51 lol

  11. Since you guys are always in the outdoors and on unpaved roads, A suggestion is to trade in your Hyundai for another Hyundai called the "Santa FE" Since its a 4×4 SUV.

  12. these guys already have cloaking tech. No one would actually believe we have invisible mind reading planes until you see it in action.

  13. Great video, would love to know how they bolt something that powerful vertically to the ground, unbelievably clear surveillance pictures of an experimental surveillance aircraft, the firebird, F.A.B.! LOL

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