Not Clickbait Mothership deploying UFO Drones What in the world is this?

Man Records a large UFO releasing some type of smaller UFO out of Brazil I do not believe this is CGI I think this is 100% authentic here is a link to the original video

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41 Comments on “Not Clickbait Mothership deploying UFO Drones What in the world is this?”

  1. That's something I personally witnessed in Bulgaria, over a military range – US and BG army drills…. I don't say it's the same, but it sure looks like it … Drone carrier, in my opinion

  2. World governments "it's just a lense flare people"

    Jokes aside, this is extemely intriguing. Even if this isn't ET, I'd still love to know what that thing is.

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  4. Of all the weird things we see, I always find these 'dripping' UFOs the weirdest. They often look like blots of ink (though not here, obvs) and the stuff that drops out of them looks like something in a lava lamp, and falls in almost slow motion, like water in oil. Very strange.

  5. Why would they fly at night and make them selfe seen by putting on their lights.. Doesnt make sense, so it must be a military thing

  6. This is another awesome capture here. Tyler just posted similar ones as well dropping or dripping shit. Been an avid enthusiast for decades and I've only seen these types of captures within past two years. Curious why this isn't all over the MSM…where as someone can explain these particular ones🤔

  7. Im not happy with them when they are dropping stuff or dispersing gas like stuff. This vid is good and I appreciate how you explain how it checks out.. thanks for all you do.

  8. Hidden Underbelly also posted on this one yesterday amazing sighting and idk if it's a black project or something of this world!!
    Tyler could learn from you in regards to not post bullshit 🤣
    Ok I'm sorry I just can't help it with his content don't hit me 🤣

  9. Another video in the same day. Well the same day here in the UK anyway. Your spoiling us. Top man. Cheers. Steve.

  10. Wasn’t there one of these dropping smaller ones out by a mountain somewhere? I’m wondering if that was the same incident from perhaps the other side. That would be kinda amazing if multiple people had caught the thing. Great stuff bud. Thanks for bring it to us

  11. What does it leak out? Dangerous things? We need to know, otherwise we may not be able to protect ourselves ….

  12. When these objects drip fiery bits… it sort of makes it look like something on fire dripping bits. Like a man made something on fire. Not anything otherworldly. If these bits that drop off zoomed about and displayed something other than falling like a bit of flaming debris then we're talking.

  13. Kinda like like an angel talking a poop. Go on, angel. Everything else has been lately. Why shouldn't you?

    This comment was just for the algorithm, btw. 👍🏻

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